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Reframing Gender in a Higher Vibration

The Gender Series Chaun Conscious 4

Gender Series Reframing Gender in the Gender Series Hi guys. Just a quick one. Firstly I’d like to make a quick comment about the order of the articles. It’s really useful if you know that the transitional phases that I go through are very rapid. Which means that an article I wrote 6 months ago …

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Racism How to Free Yourself from It Completely


Racism We are creators. We use words to create certain feeling states. When a word, phrase or term is strongly able to trigger certain feeling states then that word has power. The word nigger makes you feel something. The word apple does not make you feel something in the same way that nigger does. The …

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The Gender Revolution Has Begun…Apparently!

gender revolution

The Gender Revolution What is gender? What is the gender revolution? It’s hardly an age old debate. In fact it’s a rather post-modern debate. Is gender determined by your genitalia? Well traditionally of course, yes, what else? “And what about the intersexed?” one may ask in response, “I guess they are just something else”, might …

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