white dove chaun conscious


My confidence, especially with women, used to be so much stronger. Getting sectioned and diagnosed with anxiety disorder really rocked my confidence, or maybe it revealed how I truly feel – who knows!? I never doubted whether I was attractive enough for someone, or desirable for someone before. These things never occurred to me. Now…

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Our childhood shapes our adulthood and that kinda sucks. Just 18 years of our life determines the nature of the next 50 years. I had a lonely childhood, I felt lonely and neglected by mother and father. I’m still living this legacy until today. I wrestle with self-worth and have spent my time in religion.…

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I’d like to share my experience of being hospitalized under section 2 and 3 of the mental health Act. When I first went in it was because of an altercation with my grandparent and her husband. They would not let me in the house, seemingly because I had schizophrenia they didn’t feel comfortable with me…

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