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We are the creators of racism.

We use words to create certain feeling states.

When a word, phrase or term is strongly able to trigger certain feeling states then that word has power.

The word nigger makes you feel something. The word apple does not make you feel something in the same way that nigger does.

The word nigger has more power than the word apple.

Why does the word nigger make you feel something?

When you hear the word nigger it triggers a set of experiences, belief systems, and thought processes that all pertain to a vibrational feeling state.

I type the word again, nigger.

You might respond to the word nigger with feelings of inferiority such as shame (displeasure), fear or anger, or you might respond to it with feelings of superiority such as desire (pleasure), disdain, scorn, pride or hatred.

The emotional responses are only inferior or superior because it either makes you feel better or worse about yourself.

Perhaps you are neutral and you feel composed. Perhaps the word nigger makes you feel neither better nor worse about yourself. (Great!)

Hating people in order feel better about yourself is addictive, but if you are in this state know that an aspect of yourself is heavily weighed down by deeply repressed feelings of personal shame and disgust.

What makes you feel disgusted about yourself?

As the attacker you have projected your sense of disgust on to a social group of your subconscious choosing. You probably chose this social group subconsciously based on the cultural environment you were raised in.

Common social groups deemed as acceptable to project shame on to include black people (racism), gay people (homophobia), trans people (transphobia).

To feel absolute peace in the face of projected shame, whether that be racism, homophobia, transphobia or indeed sexism, is the highest version of love.

It is also very difficult to do.

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