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male privilege


Understanding Male Privilege

When you study sociology you quickly learn about the concept of socialisation.

Put simply, socialisation is the process we all go through whereby we learn what is acceptable and unacceptable for us to be, behave, think and act on.

We learn socialisation through our families, society and of course the structures within society at large such as the media and entertainment.

In this message I speak of, called the Nu Vibe, we speak about energetic socialisation.

What is Energetic Socialisation?

Like the traditional notion of socialisation, energetic socialisation occurs at infancy right up until the early stages of adolescence.

Energetic socialisation is the way in which we learn to use, manipulate and avoid different attentions.

Attention has a real, formulaic energetic structure and quality to it that humans are yet to mathematically discover.

There is not one “attention”, there are millions of different kinds of “attentions”.

Each attention, has its own quality.

Boys and Girls Experience Energetic Socialisation Differently

When I speak to the transgender community, often you will hear me refer to the statement, “when you are socialised as female”.

I prefer this expression over the statement, “when you are female”, or “when you are born female”, because it’s just less confusing.

What Happens When You Are Socialised as Female?

When you are socialised as female, you learn to navigate and manipulate attention differently than when we are socialised as male.

When you are socialised as female you learn to divert attention away from yourself in a way that we do not learn when we are socialised as male.

The female, when socialised energetically, learns to do the following:

1) Divert attention away from her vagina.
2) Divert attention away from her mouth or throat chakra.
3) Divert attention towards her heart centre.
4) Divert attention away from herself in general.

As we said, there are different types of attentions. Let’s call one form of attention: sexual gratification, which manifests into things like interest and personality.

For example, if we hold strong attention towards our own sexual gratification then we may also be regarded as being quite “interesting”, or as having “interesting personalities”.

Females, when they experience energetic socialisation, are encouraged to feel guilty for holding attention towards herself – and in particular her own vagina.

This “diversion of attention”, as we call it, is also known as shame. When we move attention away from parts of our body, this area of our body is in shame.

Everything that we manifest in life is a manifestation of the way energy moves, circulates and pumps through the heart.

We all have different heart beats – no two heart beats are the same.

We literally all have our own rhythm and our own styles.

Styles of music. Styles of play.

When she has learnt to divert attention away from her vagina she is in shame.

Her shame here is for wanting.

The more easily we hold attention towards our own genitals then, necessarily, the less guilty we feel for trying, for failing and, crucially, for wanting.

When we have learnt to move energy away from our genitals and its surrounding areas – also known as the root chakra, then we necessarily learn that we are wrong for wanting (pleasure).

In the physical this shaming looks like name-calling, for example the idea of sluts and tarts.

Slut-shaming comes from the idea that women who enjoy sexual activity are disgusting and should not enjoy positive attention (from men).

What Does Energetic Socialisation Have to Do With Male Privilege?

Male privilege then is the manifestation of the consequence of energetic socialisation.

He, the man, learns to hold positive attention (and therefore positive regard, affection, and affinity) towards his own genitals – towards his penis. This manifests into his belief that wanting and having is a good thing.

He, typically, does not feel guilty for wanting or having what he has nor for what he wants.

Where he, the man, feels guilty for wanting and having, then he is usually in, what we call, a “low male” state – whereby he holds many of the shame vibrations that women typically hold – leading to an overly dominate presence of female-driven feelings like jealousy and envy.

The “low male” tends towards jealousy – although his jealousy often looks different to that of female jealousy due to the fact that his energetic socialisation will have him less in shame.

Can We Heal Male Privilege?

It is not the responsibility of men to heal male privilege. In the first instance it is the responsibility of the divine feminine to rise up and become strong – as it is intended.

Some of the people most viciously against the rise of women and the divine feminine are actually women themselves – or woman-identifying – and this is a great shame.

Women and the divine feminine must rise up and become strong.

When women and the divine feminine here on Earth, become strong, then she necessarily learns how to redirect attention towards herself without feeling guilty.

When she learns how to hold attention around her body, she not only embodies self-love, but crucially, she embodies power and strength.

The self-love movement is often fronted by women, because women typically need more of it than men do.

Women need self-love – this is more often true than not.

Men, typically, already demonstrate clear signs of self-love (or self-liking, or self-gratification).

Men, here on Earth, must now learn of self-respect, including self-responsibility.

The woman must reclaim her vagina.