I have spoken widely about Christianity, in both 7 Guides as well as on the Christianity page which eludes to and details the false notion of Jesus Christ. Most Muslims already know that the Christian notion of Jesus Christ is false – indeed this teaching largely comes from Islam.

This message, we call the Nu vibe, differs from Islam’s story of Jesus Christ – who Muslims call Esa, in a few ways. Here are the ways:

  1. Jesus Christ, who we call prophet Yeshua, did not have an immaculate conception for this is impossible. He was born out of wedlock and this great shame was covered up and reimagined as a falsely identified perfect white god which we call Jesus Christ who was not born from sperm like the rest of us.
  2. Jesus, who we call prophet Yeshua, attempted to introduce the Jews to the concept of reincarnation. His teachings got confused by history as him speaking of himself raising from the dead.
  3. It is Lord Tutenkhamun who was prophesied to raise from the dead. It is Lord Tutan who is prophesied as having an immaculate conception and born again. Jesus did not resurrect himself – it is far more likely that Jesus used the idea of resurrection – something that Roman / Jewish culture would have understood – to explain that all human beings go through a perpetual cycle of rebirth. Ancient Egyptian messianic prophesy is hijacked around this time, by Roman and Arabian cultures.
  4. Lord Tutan comes again as his True Self, showing how the True self when embodied loses all attachment to the physical body, and thus occupies 1. greater capacity for genius and 2. greater attachment to the spiritual, immaterial self. This concept of detachment from mind-body-spirit (the holy trinity) is commonly understood among Sufi Muslims.

There really is not that much to say on Islam. I have a very clear principle which is that the less we mention Islam – the better – whether that be part of sociological or political or religious dialogue.

I have been an avid and hugely devout practicing Muslim once before.

Muslims need self-love.

Islam has had its place and Islam has had its time. Islam is outdated. Islam is dangerous and hazardous to modernity and fundamentally to the evolution and liberation of the divine feminine.

Any religious thought that does not have a basic notion or understanding of chakras demonstrates outdated, nonsensical, cultural worship of man’s own false identity.

The false identity, in the context of Islam, is not the false notion of a Jesus Christ – as in Christianity – but rather instead Islamic culture itself.

Islamic culture – or Sharia – represents man’s false identity.

In Islam, the idyllic standard that all human beings are expected to live up to is the indoctrinated version of the behaviour of the prophet.

It is my belief that the prophet Muhammad did not state that all human beings must be and act like him.

It is my belief that if the prophet Muhammad were to deliver a message to Earth today, he would teach that man should be like himself.

It is the hadeeths – or the so-called affirmations which are attributed to the prophet retrospectively – that the culturally, practicing and converted Muslim follows closely – so closely that it can feel like worship of the Prophet himself.

Indeed, Muslims do not worship Muhammad.

However, the teachings of Islam are so heavily based upon sayings (or hadeeth) which were supposedly declared by the prophet – that one can understand why the layperson tends towards this assumption.

It is my belief that the politicisation of Islam destroyed the Prophet’s genuine message of peace.

Islam is not one religion. Islam is split into many sects and groups, which differ only according to the recollection of who and how the prophet was.

Parts of Islamic history have reimagined the prophet as more militant than perhaps he was. It is likely that the Caliphs, who were more concerned with the expansion of Islam, had an agenda to accentuate the extent to which the prophet Muhammad promulgated war and acts of terror.

There are sects within Islam that are perfectly peaceful which have been largely exempt from politicisation – preferring instead spiritualism and dare I say joy.

Joy in Islam is the enemy of man. This is Islam’s view – not the Prophet’s view – in my opinion.

Islam teaches that god is separate – Allah and the Devil – or Ash-Shaytaan. I cannot prove it admittedly, but it is my theory that whenever the Quran mentions Ash-Shaytaan, or Satan, Allah is actually speaking of Himself. The Quran has been mistranslated so that it appears as though Allah is speaking of a separate entity. Indeed, in our message, the Nu vibe, Allah, or God and the Devil, or Iblis, ARE NOT SEPARATE.

I have made a video about the Nu Vibe understanding that there is One God, and that God and the Devil are not separate.

It is on this page.


There really is little point going into detail – for your average Muslim is cantankerous to say the least and prefers to argue rather than come together in common understanding, with love, compassion and mutual respect.

The Muslim loves to argue.

I can only write this article in a tone that your average practicing Muslim understands – hate.

The practicing Muslim does not know that he hates.

He thinks that his love for Islam is love when in fact it is hate.

We have written loads about what hate is.

It is now appropriate to repeat therefore, that the best way to move the planet forward from Islam is to give it very little attention. Just don’t mention it. Unless you really really have to.

Christianity – on the other hand, requires a lot of focus – for this is where the world’s tendency towards delusion and falsehood – especially a false god (which represents the concept of man’s own false identity) rests in the psycho-symbiotic delusion – which is the belief in a false story of a false god and a false existence of a false Jesus Christ.

To learn more about why we speak of a false Jesus Christ see the pages mentioned above.

Islamic References to The Mehdi

  • Al Mahdi = The Rightly Guided One. He has no shame, no guilt and no blame / blameless, guiltless, without wrong.
  • Quran – By the inkstand and by the pen and by that which they write, Thou are not, by the grace of thy Lord, a madman. – He fights by pen not by sword. People will say he is mad or suffers from various mental illnesses.

Sai Baba References to The Mehdi

  • Men will be partners in My Sankalpa Shakti – Rise of homosexuality (see sexual evolution page)
  • All of you should play a part in bringing forward the transformation [leading to the Golden Age] and the instrument you should use is Love. (see sexual evolution page)
  • The transition from that unhappy state to the state of bliss cannot be achieved overnight, but the changes have begun and the seeds are sown. Man is living at the dawn of a Golden Age and he himself will determine the timing of the transition by his own acts and thoughts. (SMFYM, II, 1988; c1987, 71.)The time has indeed come for a great awakening, when the days of ignorance and illusion are replaced by a new Golden Age. That Golden Age is here now, just waiting for man to move into it and find the peace that has eluded him all this time. (SMFYM, II, 19 88; c1987, 73-4.
  • When the Golden Age dawns there will be harmony throughout the world and love will flow everywhere. All thoughts of hatred will disappear. Today you cannot visualize such a state because there is chaos everywhere, fighting, scheming, hatred, evil; all the negative emotions are in the ascendent. But eventually the change will come. (SMFYM, II, 1988; c1987, 70.)The arrival of the Golden Age shall be heralded by a new coming as well as some upheavals, sufficient to uproot the evil that is so prevalent today. (SMFYM, II, 1988; c1987, 70.)
  • Fear not, My children, all will be well. Love and light will replace the darkness and a new era will be upon you very soon. (SSSBFM, 1991, 110.)After the storm there will be a completely different beginning and the atmosphere will be completely different. It will be … the age of love, harmony and cooperation replacing the age of war, … hated, … and greed. (SSSBFM, 1991, 223.)Love and peace will … cleanse the horrors and excesses of the dark ages which today pollute the very atmosphere. (SSSBFM, 1991, 10.)Life will change, it will improve and you will experience a richness in the quality of life which has eluded you in the past. (SSSBFM, 1991, 221.)[Kasturi:] Let us wait joyfully for the new world order, the Perfect Sai Order, not in a far off future, but very soon, sooner than any human mind can comprehend, looking at the present state of affairs in all walks of life. (SS, Vol. 34, No. 8, Aug. 199 1, 224.)
  • He is a great brahmachari (celibate) and will help others in establishing righteousness. His attitude towards men and women will show equality. He will be a mother among women. He will be an Incarnation of Love (Premaswarupa), Joy (Anandaswarupa) and Wisdom (Jnanaswarupa), but only those who are enlightened will be able to experience Him as joy (Ananda). He can be experienced, but not expressed; as a dumb mute can eat but not speak. Total equanimity will be His. He sees the world as a blade of grass. He will not be concerned with public opinion and will do only what is right.
  • At the time of seeing this Nadi, His body is no longer here. Yet, there is some confusion. His body is not here, yet His body is here. He will once again return and join the body, which He has prepared before He left His body. (Raja Rishi Viswamitra Nadi, Reading conducted on May 25, 2011) – Page 8The body that performed these great deeds and the body that all have seen so far is not His real body. It is a Maya body[…]After Saturn enters Libra on the day of the full moon, the Lord will give a vision of Himself in His present form. This will be a true vision of His real body. It will be seen by many who will be filled with wonder and amazement. (Agasthya Nadi, Reading conducted on May 27, 2011) – Page 20 Though His Atma left His physical body, the same Atma will come again and attain the same physical form. This is destiny[…]He will not be in an aged body or a young body, but middle aged. (Raja Rishi Viswamitra Nadi, Reading conducted on May 31, 2011) – Page 86[…]now at this time, her Lord is no longer in the physical body. He will come again in a new body.

Christian References to The Mehdi

  • Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. [SOCIAL MEDIA]
  • And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. [SOCIAL MEDIA]
  • Lord will give a vision of Himself in His present form. This will be a true vision of His real body. It will be seen by many who will be filled with wonder and amazement […]Lord Shiva now tells that a vision will be seen not only in India but all over the world. It will be the same form, but in different places. Many people will be filled with wonder and claim to see him here and there. In fact, He will be seen in different places at the same time by many people. [SOCIAL MEDIA]