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I have spoken widely about Christianity, in the handbooks which eludes to and details the false notion of Jesus Christ. Most Muslims already know that the Christian notion of Jesus Christ is false – indeed this teaching largely comes from Islam.

This message, we call the Nu vibe, differs from Islam’s story of Jesus Christ – who Muslims call Esa, in a few ways. Here are the ways:

  1. Jesus Christ, who we call prophet Yeshua, did not have an immaculate conception for this is impossible. He was born out of wedlock and this great shame was covered up and reimagined as a falsely identified perfect white god which we call Jesus Christ who was not born from sperm like the rest of us.
  2. Jesus, who we call prophet Yeshua, attempted to introduce the Jews to the concept of reincarnation. His teachings got confused by history as him speaking of himself raising from the dead.

There really is not that much to say on Islam. I have been an avid and hugely devout practicing Muslim once before.

I still identify as Muslim, just not a fanatical one.

Any religious thought that does not have a basic notion or understanding of chakras demonstrates outdated, nonsensical, cultural worship of man’s own false identity.

The false identity, in the context of Islam, is not the false notion of a Jesus Christ – as in Christianity – but rather instead Islamic culture itself.

Islamic culture – or Sharia – represents man’s false identity.

In Islam, the idyllic standard that all human beings are expected to live up to is the indoctrinated version of the behaviour of the prophet.

It is my belief that the prophet Muhammad did not state that all human beings must be and act like him.

It is my belief that if the prophet Muhammad were to deliver a message to Earth today, he would teach that man should be like himself.

It is the hadeeths – or the so-called affirmations which are attributed to the prophet retrospectively – that the culturally, practicing and converted Muslim follows closely – so closely that it can feel like worship of the Prophet himself.

Indeed, Muslims do not worship Muhammad.

However, the teachings of Islam are so heavily based upon sayings (or hadeeth) which were supposedly declared by the prophet – that one can understand why the layperson tends towards this assumption.

It is my belief that the politicisation of Islam destroyed the Prophet’s genuine message of peace.

Islam is not one religion. Islam is split into many sects and groups, which differ only according to the recollection of who and how the prophet was.

Parts of Islamic history have reimagined the prophet as more militant than perhaps he was. It is likely that the Caliphs, who were more concerned with the expansion of Islam, had an agenda to accentuate the extent to which the prophet Muhammad promulgated war and acts of terror.

There are sects within Islam that are perfectly peaceful which have been largely exempt from politicisation – preferring instead spiritualism and dare I say joy.

Joy in Islam is the enemy of man. This is Islam’s view – not the Prophet’s view – in my opinion.

Islam teaches that god is separate – Allah and the Devil – or Ash-Shaytaan. I cannot prove it admittedly, but it is my theory that whenever the Quran mentions Ash-Shaytaan, or Satan, Allah is actually speaking of Himself. The Quran has been mistranslated so that it appears as though Allah is speaking of a separate entity. Indeed, in our message, the Nu vibe, Allah, or God and the Devil, or Iblis, ARE NOT SEPARATE.

I have made a video about the Nu Vibe understanding that there is One God, and that God and the Devil are not separate.

It is on this page.


The fanatical Muslim loves to argue.

There really is little point going into detail – for your average fanatical Muslim is cantankerous to say the least and prefers to argue rather than come together in common understanding, with love, compassion and mutual respect.

I can only write this article in a tone that your average fanatical Muslim understands – hate.

The fanatical Muslim does not know that he hates.

He thinks that his love for Islam is love when in fact it is hate.

We have written loads about what hate is.

Christianity, unlike Islam, on the other hand, requires a lot of focus – for this is where the world’s tendency towards delusion and falsehood – especially a false god (which represents the concept of man’s own false identity) rests in the psycho-symbiotic delusion – which is the belief in a false story of a false god and a false existence of a false Jesus Christ.

To learn more about why we speak of a false Jesus Christ see the pages mentioned above.