the Divine Feminine

We have for centuries lived in an energetic climate where masculine energy has not only been overly prevalent, but also grossly unbalanced.

The over prevalence of masculine energy creates an imbalance within both ‘male’ and ‘female’ subjects. It also creates an imbalance in the energetic climate within the totality of planet earth and its presiding civilisations.

An overly prevalent masculine energy looks like dominance, control, subordination. An under prevalent feminine energy looks like victimisation, uncertainty and powerlessness.

Any man that has an overly prevalent masculine energy will necessarily be matched to a female with an under prevalent feminine energy, and vice versa. Any woman with an overly prevalent masculine energy will be matched to a man with under prevalent feminine energy.

(Please make this relevant to all sexual/gender romantic combinations because I can’t be bothered to type out all the permutations! :P)

The unification of the divine masculine and divine feminine occurs at a vibrationally higher level than its absolute separation does. Hence, that men and women seem to be becoming more similar, is in fact a positive sign of our evolution as a species.

Due to the fact that masculinity and femininity has for a long time been out of whack, femininty in our civilisation has come to mean weakness, powerlessness and indeed less than.

Within the essence of every individual who is subject to socialisation (that’s all of us :P), we all have an unacceptable female aspect of ourselves to lesser or greater degrees, until we become conscious of it and make it acceptable.

When we not only accept, but embrace our internal divine feminine, as men and as women, we no longer hold on to the notion that femaleness means unacceptably less than.

In other words, when we embrace our internal divine feminine we let go of the vibration that says that being female necessarily means being less than.

Part of the reason why many souls are now incarnating as transgender is to teach humanity that femininity has nothing to do with body, sexual organs or chromosomes. Indeed the divine feminine is the god polarity of the divine masculine. It, as god, resides within all of us.

We are approaching an age where the divine feminine is being allowed to rise up within us men as well as within us women, and therefore within the totality of society too.

Just like we project unacceptable parts of ourselves on to others, our collective existence does this too in the form of social groups. Collectively we decide that certain social groups are unacceptable. As soon as that social group becomes accepted we find another social group to project our collective disapproval on to.

This process of projection and acceptance is in fact healing. Each time we do it we heal collectively and become more and more whole.

In order to facilitate the evolution of collective consciousness we are called to discover the parts of us that have become suppressed, deemed as unacceptable and banished as unworthy of love. We are called to love those unacceptable parts of ourselves as if our lives depended on it.

Let’s continue to love and accept femaleness, the femaleness that exists without and the femaleness that exists within.

When we, both men and women, love the divine feminine within, we love more of ourselves. Thus we become even more whole.

Peace. Love. Dopeness