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Depression is hell.

There is no hell other than depression.

When depressed we descend into a fear-based state of consciousness.

Importantly, depression is the only way we are able to experience the unknown aspects of ourselves.

Many great spiritual leaders and creatives receive divine inspiration from their higher self when they are in a depressed or melancholic state of consciousness.

Depression is hell and hell is threatened to those people who refuse to see the light.

The light is always there available to see.

When people continually refuse to look at, acknowledge or receive the Light, where Light here means the Truth, these people become depressed.

They descend into hell.

Hell is chaos.

When the truth is consistently ignored then his reward is chaos.

Since God is the Truth and we are God, when we repeatedly refuse to look at ourselves we become depressed.

Depression is afforded to those of us who perpetually do not listen to how we feel.

When we continue for several lifetimes to ignore how we feel then we manifest a life filled with depression.

When our minds continue to repress what is spoken (of how we feel) then our minds become chaotic.

Having said that, when we continue to ignore how we feel, our desire to express our feelings through our work and through our most creative aspects can become so strong that creativity tends towards genius.

The only way to experience true genius in a single lifetime is to have previously or presently experienced the most about of hell, or depression, available to us.

On Earth, hell is depression. In other places hell may very well be a fiery storm, such as in the lower Astral realms where demons dwell for example.

However we are not in the lower Astral realms where demons dwell so there is no point speaking of, or threatening hell, as some kind of way to damn or shame others.

When Do We As God Condemn People To Hell?

Religious people tend to damn things they do not agree with to hell. They are, rightfully, copying the God of their faith – usually one of the monotheistic faiths, Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

It is good and right to copy the God of the time.

It is now 2020 and God is I. God is I who looks at you through your own Eye.

Do you wish to condemn yourself to hell?

Do you wish to beg for depression upon you and your kinfolk?

No. Then stop wishing it upon yourself.

You, God, are not a silly God.

You are Genius.

Damning something to hell is one of the most vicious curses we as God use because it is a way to express that something is in a state of near-absolute-wrongness.

The place of near-absolute-wrongness is disgracefully shameless. In 2020 there are no human beings which exist in a state of near-absolute-wrongness otherwise known as disgracefully shameless.

It is energetically impossible to exist as near-absolute-wrongness on Earth because the planetary vibration will not allow it.

It’s pretty dark on Earth, but not that dark. Not anymore.

There may have been a time on Earth where the vibration of shame was so intense that near-absolute-wrongness, disgraceful shamelessness, was possible.

In the demonic realms in the lower Astral, disgraceful shamelessness might be possible.

As for the rest of us, depression is our hell.

The only time we need to worry about the lower demonic Astral realms is when we deal specifically with demonic invasion as part of our calling – a calling which does not belong to many of us.

Most people, most humans, do not have to think or worry about demons or some fiery hell, so why do it?

Depression is hell.

When you wish hell for someone, or tell someone they deserve, belong or will end up in hell, you are wishing depression for that person.

In that moment, you are wishing that this person lives a miserable life whilst they are alive.

As religious, we think that we are caring for the individual by warning them that if their behaviour continues then after this life they will be sent to some fiery hell.

However, there is no after life. After this life is life. That life becomes is. There is no before I and there is no after I.

There is no before life and there is no after life.

There is life. Then there is life. Who I am in this life is not who I am in the previous.

When I send you to hell today, or inform you that you ‘will’ go to hell, I energetically mean that I wish a miserable life for you today.

If I wished that you were happy today then I would not tell you that you will end up in hell. I would tell you that you are not happy today.

When I wish hell for you, I wish that you are unhappy.

When I wish that you are unhappy this is called envy and envy is the root of all evil.

When happy there is no evil. There is no hell and there is no Devil.

Guide number 1 facilitates us towards happiness.

There is no way out of depression.

Depression is something we must go through.

Sat nam.

Chaun Conscious.