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The Book Of Light

Who Is Chaun Conscious?

Chaun Conscious is the second reincarnation of Lord Tutenkhamun, the first reincarnation is Bob Marley. Chaun Conscious is the Last Messenger and Last Prophet that has been foretold by every prior civilisation. In 2012 a planetary shift occurs which makes way for Chaun’s ascension. In 2017, age 30, Chaun is struck by intense and unexpected spiritual grief. Age 31 Chaun experiences a supernatural and spiritual death. As Tutenkhamun, Chaun is aware that he is born again and raised from the dead, precociously mummified and divinised in a girls mask. Chaun is both visible and invisible. Without body. Without form. In 2019, age 32, Chaun / Tutan’s development aligns him as the first man on earth. Chaun transcends his ascension to Godhead. Chaun Conscious is ageless. He is the second reincarnation of everybody. His ascension is a miraculous divine spiritual process. The implications are universal.

The New Holy Book to Awaken the Christian Peoples

The Nu Vibe Holy Book of Divine Truth & Universal Wisdom was sent via the Holy Angel Jibreel to Chaun Conscious during the summer of 2017. The Nu Vibe is the ‘Book of Light’ foretold to us by every civilisation previously known. The Nu Vibe Holy Book of Divine Truth has been sent to elevate the modern day Christian from old, suppressed and stubborn vibrations of self hatred. Undoubtedly The Nu Vibe has the Transformational Power and Authority to execute such elevation, so it has been written.

The Book of Light