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To Know Thyself

Law of attraction means

When I accept myself I like myself. To accept myself I must see myself. To see myself I must feel. If I can’t feel then I must hope. If I can’t hope then I must believe. If I can’t believe then I must beg (for help). If I can’t beg I must endure. If I …

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The Path of Least Resistance. What Is it?

Least resistance

least resistance Living a life dedicated to the path of least resistance is one I chose earlier this year. After doing so I lost everything and became severely depressed. Not a great advertisement is it? The path of least resistance, put simply, is going against anything in life that seems “forced”. Turns out that 99.9% …

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Love Our Enemy… It’s Self Love in Action

Love our enemy

How to love our enemy There’s all this talk about loving our enemy. Why? How? Should we love our enemies to make us feel righteous? Should we love our enemies so we feel noble? Loving our enemies is the same as loving ourselves because everything is our reflection. One of the most difficult practices is …

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