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Reframing Gender in a Higher Vibration

The Gender Series Chaun Conscious 4

Gender Series Reframing Gender in the Gender Series Hi guys. Just a quick one. Firstly I’d like to make a quick comment about the order of the articles. It’s really useful if you know that the transitional phases that I go through are very rapid. Which means that an article I wrote 6 months ago …

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To Know Thyself

Law of attraction means

When I accept myself I like myself. To accept myself I must see myself. To see myself I must feel. If I can’t feel then I must hope. If I can’t hope then I must believe. If I can’t believe then I must beg (for help). If I can’t beg I must endure. If I …

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Last Prophet

prophet messiah spiritual death christianity

When you call yourself a prophet one of three things happen: last prophet 1) People think you’re nuts. 2) People think you’re desperate (for attention). 3) People think it’s a marketing ploy. No one thinks – ah great the world has a new prophet that we’ve been told about for centuries and centuries. lol. Why? …

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I Am That I Am: 5 Magical Words

I am that I am chaun conscious

I AM THAT I AM I AM THAT I AM These five magical words might just change your life. It is so normal for us to imagine ourselves as who we might become. We dream and romanticise about where we might be in 2 or 3 years time. But who we might become is not …

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