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My Supernatural Journey

Guys the real truth is that I have been going through a supernatural experience for the past 4 months, mostly towards the end of what I call my grieving period. I haven’t spoken about it really. Fearing I just sound like a looney, or just trying to present the impression that I’m coping fine or …

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Love Isn’t Sexy Is It? lol

Love isnt sexy

Love isn’t sexy So it’s now two days after what I can only describe as my ego death. I’m still waiting to feel an acute sense of emotion. Still I feel nothing. I tried to meditate this morning and I realised that how I feel when I meditate is actually the best way to describe …

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Spiritual Death Experience: The Day I Died

My ego death experience

My Spiritual Death Experience I lay in bed. It’s around 4pm in the day. The curtains are closed and it’s as dark as an English summer can be. Where is the heaviness? Where is the sorrow? Where is the grief? Nothing. I look at my bedside clock and yawn. I figured that if I just …

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