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The Christianity Lie

Christianity Lie Chaun COnscious

One of The Devil’s most powerful and effective tools on Earth has for a long time been Christianity and the Bible. The religion of Christianity was born from a vibration of self-hatred. Self-hatred is the vibration which instigates a belief that there is something inherently wrong with the individual (and therefore with the world). The …

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On Jesus

In this video I talk about my understanding of Jesus having come from a Christian background and once been a very strong and practing christian. I later embraced the LGBT community but retained my belief in God. In this video I also discuss the Divine Truth movement that is led by A J Miller who …

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Last Prophet

prophet messiah spiritual death christianity

When you call yourself a prophet one of three things happen: last prophet 1) People think you’re nuts. 2) People think you’re desperate (for attention). 3) People think it’s a marketing ploy. No one thinks – ah great the world has a new prophet that we’ve been told about for centuries and centuries. lol. Why? …

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