To This

All that I want is an illusion for this is it.
How good can this get?
How good is this love?
I don’t want That I want this.
Fear is That I want this.
Hate is That I want this.
This here has been with me all along.
I didn’t see the value of This.
I now see it and it is beautiful.
This here I love you.
I love This.

I Believed in Love

I believed in love and love is what I found.
I believed in happiness and happiness indeed I found.
Indescribable amounts of pain I had to endure.
Confusion and disdain I had to conjure.
But I still believed in love from the depths of hell.
I believed in love from the grief of my bedroom cell.
I have no money no car and no friends.
But I believed in love and now it’s come to an end.
The pain has stopped and the spiritual war has been won.
What they call me I don’t care as long as love is one.
I am love and from this day I stop rejecting myself.
I believed in love and for my belief it is now felt.

We Are Love True. Truly One Love.

We invented the future when we closed our Eyes.
When we closed our Eyes we wanted to realise who we were.
With our eyes closed we felt, and when we felt we realised that we were love.
When we realised love we felt fear.
Will I be love in the future?
We realised that the future disappears when we open our eyes so we opened our eyes and all fear it went away.
With our eyes open we wanted to learn what love is so we invented pain.
With our eyes open we turned pain into our teacher.
With our eyes open we knew that to learn is to experience.
With our eyes open we knew that to experience is to feel and so we closed our eyes again.
With our eyes shut we experienced pain and we learnt who we were.
We learnt that were love.
When we learnt that we were love pain became our friend.
After pain became our friend it became our heartbeat.
First we realised love and then we learnt it to be True.
So now we know for sure that we are Love True.
We are Love True, now we know that we are Love True.
We are Love True, truly one Love.

I Met Bliss

I met bliss and she feels a bit strange
It feels like I’m sitting at the bottom of the ocean or am I in a different plane
I feel no need and not even a want
I’m trying to get up but my back stays front
Laying here is this called nirvana
Am I a restful king or a broke beat father
Let me enjoy it in case a storm comes next
I’ve worked hard for this so I’ll count myself blessed

No I’m Not Cis Gendered

No I’m not cis gendered I don’t have the same fears
I’m not scared of failure I hunt all deers
No I’m not cis gendered but I can give you what you want
I live for the moment and I won’t use the word cunt
No I’m not cis gendered so I’ve had to learn respect
I met rejection disguised as a blessing it was heaven sent
Yes I know who I am so I won’t keep saying
So you can wish me the best or focus on praying.

True Happiness

True happiness is patient
It is calm
It does not boast
It sees the good in all
It wishes you the best
It lets you be
True happiness is free
It does not boast
It respects
It respects your space
It respects the silence of peace
True happiness is love
It is calm
It is patient
It does not boast
True happiness is free
True happiness is here.