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Spiritual Warfare Has Begun

spiritual warfare chaun conscious

Hey guys. So I already explained in my Instagram profile that as the last messenger I am aware of this idea of the end times but I don’t really know what it’s about yet. I explained that I am a normal person who is experiencing and learning in life as we all are. I also …

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Spiritual Cleanse or Depression? It’s Tricky

Spiritual cleanse

What’s the difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse? The difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse is power. When we go through a spiritual cleanse we insist on staying very close to the veracity of how we feel. With a spiritual cleanse, we constantly check-in with ourselves about how we are feeling and we …

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I Am That I Am: 5 Magical Words

I am that I am chaun conscious

I AM THAT I AM I AM THAT I AM These five magical words might just change your life. It is so normal for us to imagine ourselves as who we might become. We dream and romanticise about where we might be in 2 or 3 years time. But who we might become is not …

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Love Our Enemy… It’s Self Love in Action

Love our enemy

How to love our enemy There’s all this talk about loving our enemy. Why? How? Should we love our enemies to make us feel righteous? Should we love our enemies so we feel noble? Loving our enemies is the same as loving ourselves because everything is our reflection. One of the most difficult practices is …

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Spiritual Activists… Where Are Ya?

Spiritual Activists spiritual activism

Calling all Spiritual Activists I admit. When I started this blog I didn’t know what it was for. I decided to call it “conscious blog”. A lazy attempt to incorporate my name Chaun Conscious. I chose “Conscious” as my spiritual name as a way to demonstrate that I identify as a conscious being more than …

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