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The Disgust of Transgender

shame how to deal with shame

Transgender the word that no one really understands what it means. What the heck is it? To get into my head, and my understanding presented to you now, first we must accept one basic tenant: Everything that is named is something. For example, some people might say transgender is nothing. It does not exist. And …

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Toxic Masculinity

toxic masculinity

Chaun Conscious creates a new way to be a man, based on greater kindness, fairness and respect for others. Chaun’s Concept of the ‘Nu Man’ The Nu Man exists in Galaxies more advance than we are here – that is – where the healing stages of God’s evolution is more advanced. The good news is …

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Reframing Gender in a Higher Vibration

The Gender Series Chaun Conscious 4

Gender Series Reframing Gender in the Gender Series Hi guys. Just a quick one. Firstly I’d like to make a quick comment about the order of the articles. It’s really useful if you know that the transitional phases that I go through are very rapid. Which means that an article I wrote 6 months ago …

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To Know Thyself

Law of attraction means

When I accept myself I like myself. To accept myself I must see myself. To see myself I must feel. If I can’t feel then I must hope. If I can’t hope then I must believe. If I can’t believe then I must beg (for help). If I can’t beg I must endure. If I …

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