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What is hate?

This article is for the demon. I’m sick of idiots using terminology in their pathetic minds like “demon”. This isn’t hate. This is an opinion.

Bull shit.

Man has power. Just breathing his aloneness is the power of man. His power is suppressed and lonely, it’s a form of energy that is important for respect.

He becomes obsessed with serving his needs when he needs. He chases himself.

He is alone. In his mind, with his wealth.

We need women when we are here.

Once you realise that you have grown a fondness for this message you may feel confused.

Indeed I am your enemy. I truly hate you. I don’t. I do. I did.

Um um um um.

The deepest states of hate start inside the dangerous womb.

The thought of our parents shaging causes an uncomfortable feeling.

We hate ourselves. When we are most vulnerable. Intimacy. Sex. Actually.

We, humankind, truly hate ourselves.

Hate me. Hate me. Ohhhh yeah baby. You need it. Lonely woman. You need it.

Love, peace, dope vibes.


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