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The Disgust of Transgender

Transgender the word that no one really understands what it means. What the heck is it?

To get into my head, and my understanding presented to you now, first we must accept one basic tenant:

Everything that is named is something. For example, some people might say transgender is nothing. It does not exist. And yet it has a name. Why therefore do we call it something?

What Is Sex?

We can’t understand transgender without knowing what sex is. It sounds like a dumb thing but the dictionary definition of sexual intercourse is highly questionable.

Sexual Intercourse According to Oxford Dictionary

Most dictionaries define sexual intercourse as the insertion of the penis into a vagina.

It is our belief that most people under the age of 35 might find this hugely problematic.

There is no mention of pleasure and it disregards all forms of gay and queer sex as sex.

So what the heck is it!?

What does a man do with another man if it is not sex?!

Hate Is Silent

We can only disregard gay sex as actual sex from a position of hate. When I say gay sex is not actually sex I must necessarily find gay sex disgusting.

Without feelings of disgust we absolutely find nothing wrong with describing men and men bumming as having sex.

Homophobia means we discredit gay versions of sex as sex.

Sexual Intercourse Makes Children

We may suggest that sexual intercourse, like copulation, tends towards pregnancy.

Firstly, the notion that we even mostly have sex to copulate is old fashioned and draconian. It’s nonsense.

Secondly, and sadly, the problem is that not once do we mention the word “pleasure”.


Most men under 25 find this sad.

We Cannot Help Transgender People

One of the first things people do in their personal journey towards accepting the truth of our biology, is adopt a “feel sorry for” attitude.

Feeling sorry for someone and understanding are not the same thing. If we understand that a trans person has a particular struggle that understanding feels silent. Not patronising.

We Are All Transgender

The problem is, the trans problem is in fact our problem. Transgender is political. It’s a political problem because it relates to the economic body of mass society. See Zizek.

Transgender means worthless. Worth-less.

It is my opinion therefore, that we are all transgender.

Funny how triggering this is.


Why might we be triggered by the idea that we are all transgender if we are not it?

If it does not trigger you then you are able to laugh.

If we cannot laugh at the statement that we are all transgender then this is now your problem.

Can we say that gay sex is sex?

If gay sex is not sex then what is it? What do we suggest gay men call what they do? Lol.

We might say disgusting. That’s hate. Don’t you know sex can be disgusting? Isn’t rape disgusting? Isn’t sex without pleasure disgusting? Isn’t baby making therefore disgusting? Isn’t the baby head coming from the vagina disgusting?

As God, are we not disgusting?

We are. I am.

So What Is Transgender?

Transgender is disgust. Transgender is shame. Transgender is worthlessness.

When you want to be my shame you won’t let it be. When I won’t let it be then I am the shame.

When I can’t let things be then I am in great shame. When here I love to obsess over the other which I call in my ignorance, “trans”.

The obsessor of the tran is indeed trans. It becomes your shame. You become obsessed with your shame.

Deeper Understanding

We as the world are going through a transition. We want to learn who we truly are.

Millions of people are searching for themselves. We feel isolated and alone. Depression and loneliness suffocates the planet.

The shame of it leads us to deny it. Fake it. Pretend we are happy. Pretend we are ok. We’re not. Most of us.

From this movement we learn to understand ourselves better. It becomes possible to see the person – separate from their genitals.

Why Does Shame Excite Us?

The traditional way of having sex is shameful. He feels less ashamed than she does. Consequently he is allowed to enjoy sex with far greater freedom.

When we have traditional sex we make a deal with shame. Your shame is mine. Since she has more shame, her shame becomes his. She is his problem. He is her solution.

When we get obsessed with who someone is from the perspective of “what is their gender” – we are obsessed with someone’s shame. This obsession is sexual. In life, in general, we need to know. The sense of need is shocking.

In life, in general, we find it difficult to “ not know”, or “I don’t know”. Literally, we NEED, to know (ourselves).

Without need therefore, we do not know who we are.

Need is who we are.

When need is who we are then we develop naming. We name things, or label.

We name them trans and feel their shame.

If the trans were not trans, I wouldn’t name it trans.

What we really want is to feel our own shame. We have been humiliated ourselves. These vibrations are difficult for us to access.

Thus we obsess now on the humiliation of the other.

What’s interesting about me, Chaun Conscious, is I have gone through the second coming – the spiritual process described by Jesus.

This means I literally hold no vibrations of shame.

Literally it means it’s impossible to shame me. It always bounces back. In the exact moment you attempt to shame me you feel unexplainably embarrassed. You can’t figure out why you feel embarrassed when it is me you tried to shame.

I have healed all shame.

I have healed transgender..

Fun stuff.

Not really.


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