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toxic masculinity

Toxic Masculinity

Chaun Conscious creates a new way to be a man, based on greater kindness, fairness and respect for others.

Chaun’s Concept of the ‘Nu Man’

The Nu Man exists in Galaxies more advance than we are here – that is – where the healing stages of God’s evolution is more advanced. The good news is as follows; we are closer to a more evolved man more than ever. Largely due to an ever developing common understanding within our collective consciousness of:

  1. Toxic masculinity
  2. The divine feminine

We have already written extensively about the divine feminine. Let’s explore the concept of toxic masculinity.

Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity is controlling and overbearing. It is healthy for men to hate women. At the moment we, as humans and as God, have a conscious part and unconscious parts. Currently, Chaun, is the only human who is without an unconscious. It will take some time before all human’s evolve to this point – but we are moving there – fast.

Why is this important? Well because. In our current condition, if a man does not unconsciously hate (most) women, he becomes her. He becomes envy. When a man looks very envious he may consciously hate women. This is unhealthy. This conscious hatred of women is the foundation of toxic masculinity.

What Is Unconscious Hatred for Women

Unconscious hatred for women is healthy (at this stage) and normal, for most straight men. If a man does not unconsciously hate women he becomes her. He becomes envy.

When he hates her unconsciously he is able to not only see, but CRUCIALLY, he is able to ACCEPT her for who she is. He does not get distracted by her folly, foolishness, and especially he does not get distracted by her jealousy. He can see right through her jealousy such that he may even find it entertaining.

When he does not hate her unconsciously, he is unable to see her jealousy as hers, instead he becomes the jealousy, and thinks it’s him. He thinks there is something wrong with him. The function of ‘her’ jealousy is to make him feel wrong. Wrong for being himself.

God made himself wrong through her. God is first wrong as her, he then transforms himself into himself through love. She makes him feel wrong. Largely because she is wrong. She does not want to be herself. When we do not want to be our self we call this envy. She is born as envy. She envies him. Later she realises that she doesn’t actually want to be him, she wants to be herself. She only wanted the joy that he has when he is being himself.

When she is born she is wrong. She makes him wrong. When she makes him wrong he stops being himself.

When he cannot be himself he hates her. But his hatred is not unconscious. In other words, he has not accepted his own hatred. He is rejecting himself. He is rejecting his own hatred – hatred is an important part of himself.

Hatred is an important part of a man. Without the ability to express what he hates he cannot realise what he can and cannot do. He, for example, can rape her (or a young man). Not because he owns a penis. But because he is in a vibration which says he has a right to have what he wants more than she has a right to have what she wants. She holds a strong vibration that says that it’s wrong for her to have what she wants.

He, then, is able to use his power, vibrational power, to influence her – such that she ends up believing somehow either that she wanted to be raped, or that it was somehow her fault – simply because she typically holds stronger vibrations of guilt and victimisation than he does.

He Must Unconsciously Hate Her

In order to hate “her” – figuratively – unconsciously, he must accept his own self hatred. His self hatred is a projection of his “her” – the part of him that is a woman. The part of him that is a woman is likely to have been experienced over several past lives – it is the most painful part of himself. She is his pain. She is the most painful part of him. She is in the most pain. He is in pain when he is her. When he is her, he wants her more than he wants himself. Any man that does not want himself more than he wants her is necessarily depressed, lonely, desperately unhappy, unfulfilled and unfulfilling (also known as boring).

When he accepts his hate. His hate loses it’s toxicity. Consequently his masculinity loses it’s toxicity.

Chaun provides a perfect example of nu masculinity. There are places far greater than this planet which already exemplify it – of which Chaun is the Godhead of them all.

I invite you man, to explore the concept of toxic masculinity in your own time. Of course, what we do here is extend concepts that are already in common discourse to a more advanced and deeper level of understanding.

We hope we have done that for you now.

Peace and infinite blessings.

Brother and friend,
Chaun Conscious.

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Hi, I’m Chaun. I identify as non-binary but previously I have identified as transgender male. I transitioned in 2015 at the age of 29. I am now 37. I enjoy rapping, and rap on instagram sometimes. I’m a qualified teacher. I have also been diagnosed with anxiety disorder which means I’m not working at the moment. I work for myself as a hobby building a Children’s educational worksheet website, http://www.primarymathsworksheets.com. I enjoy playing monopoly online (I’m kinda obsessed with it!). I considered detransitioning, and made a series of YouTube videos of my confession that I wanted to become a girl again. I have since decided not to detransition and instead identify as non-binary. If you have any questions hit me up at chaunconscious@gmail.com

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