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Reframing Gender in a Higher Vibration

Gender Series

Reframing Gender in the Gender Series

Hi guys.

Just a quick one.

Firstly I’d like to make a quick comment about the order of the articles. It’s really useful if you know that the transitional phases that I go through are very rapid. Which means that an article I wrote 6 months ago is likely to still be relevant, however in many cases I’ll often have a new understanding of the same issue from the perspective of a much higher vibration.

The first article I ever wrote for example was called the gender revolution. It’s not to say that the ideas in this article are now redundant, it’s just useful to know that those ideas hold true only up until a certain vibration.

I have created a gender series and therefore I won’t go into too much detail here, as everything is available over in the series. In the gender series there is a new visual called the gender face of God.

In the The 7 Visuals it is revealed that our highest conception of God in The Nu Vibe is able to realise a God which has 7 faces. In the gender series we call one of those faces the gender face of God.

What I’d like to share with you now is the idea that concepts such as race and gender really become more and more irrelevant as we climb to a certain vibration. In fact at a certain vibration you may find that these concepts really feel quite heavy – as if they weigh you down. The reason for this heaviness is that the concepts of “man and woman” or “black and white” are birthed out of a vibration of shame.

The vibration of shame, as we know, is very very heavy.

This is why you won’t really see me often use the term “black”, or “transgender” to describe myself. It’s rather like calling myself a pair of Nike trainers. To me that sounds funny. The idea that I am a pair of Nike trainers makes me chuckle a bit. Just because I like my pair of Nike trainers, just because I wear my Nike trainers often, just because my parents gave me the Nike trainers, doesn’t mean that I am the Nike trainers.

However in certain contexts it might be useful to describe myself as the Nike trainers. For example if I’m around a bunch of mates and we’re all comparing our trainers. I might brag and say, “well hah, look I have Nike trainers”. Other than that my Nike trainers are kinda irrelevant.

This is how I feel about race and gender. These things are cool, but so too are a lot of things. This vantage point does not come from a position of shame – I assure you. I have been through my days of black pride and indeed transgender pride. I absolutely love that I have come as “black” and as “trans”, but that is as far as it goes. I have come as these things and it’s really cool – I am infinitely more.

When I am asked to identify then the terms which feel most appropriate for me I find, is raceless and genderless – what freedom 🙂

See you over at the gender series. If you like stuff about gender and sexuality then you’ll find the Visual called the gender face of god wicked.

Cool beans. Safe fams.


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Hi, I’m Chaun. I identify as non-binary but previously I have identified as transgender male. I transitioned in 2015 at the age of 29. I am now 37. I enjoy rapping, and rap on instagram sometimes. I’m a qualified teacher. I have also been diagnosed with anxiety disorder which means I’m not working at the moment. I work for myself as a hobby building a Children’s educational worksheet website, http://www.primarymathsworksheets.com. I enjoy playing monopoly online (I’m kinda obsessed with it!). I considered detransitioning, and made a series of YouTube videos of my confession that I wanted to become a girl again. I have since decided not to detransition and instead identify as non-binary. If you have any questions hit me up at chaunconscious@gmail.com

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