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Spiritual Cleanse or Depression? It’s Tricky

What’s the difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse?

The difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse is power.

When we go through a spiritual cleanse we insist on staying very close to the veracity of how we feel.

With a spiritual cleanse, we constantly check-in with ourselves about how we are feeling and we always look for the deeper and greater meaning behind the experience.

When we think of a spiritual cleanse we often contextualise the pain as grieving.

What Is Grieving?

Grieving is an important part of the spiritual process.

Grieving can be described as feeling intense sorrow, usually at something considered lost.

From a spiritual perspective, trauma, an experience that we have all encountered to some degree, necessarily lends us to abandon aspects of ourselves that are deemed as unacceptable.

Life then presents us with triggers, which I like to call opportunities, for us to grieve.

Typical triggers include; losing money, losing a job, relationship break downs, heart-break, death, illnesses etc.

These life events tend to spiral us into an intense period of grieving.

From a spiritual perspective these events are not actually the “cause” of the grief, they are events that we have manifested from aspects of ourselves that are in pain.

This is an extremely difficult concept to accept or come to terms with.
spiritual cleanse
If you feel uncomfortable with the idea that we manifest grief then I suggest you ignore it. It’s not too important in terms of understanding the difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse.

Understanding that we “create our own reality” doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes ages to accept it’s validity and this realisation often comes in incremental stages.

If you really want to believe that we create our own reality but you just can’t, don’t worry! Everything gets revealed when we are ready 🙂

What Happens With a Spiritual Cleanse?

When we consider an intensely painful experience as grieving, the process becomes one of refinement, purpose and strength.

I really do not wish to downplay the medical condition of depression. Neither do I wish to cause any offense.

I will tell you that on-paper, I should be diagnosed as suffering from medical depression. But I’m not.


Because I do not need a diagnosis of depression to help or alleviate my symptoms because, ultimately, I’m not looking to help or alleviate anything.

I accept and understand pain on a profoundly deep level and I have never been through a grieving period and not come out stronger by the end of it.

Read more about my ego death.

I have never ever come out of a grieving period and not felt a noticeable shift in my energy which then directly impacts on what I now attract into my reality.

There is absolutely no problem with anyone being diagnosed as depressed in my view.

I just feel that when we overuse the “I suffer from depression” mantra, we run the risk of losing our power. Sometimes quite significantly.

Sometimes the “I suffer from depression” self-talk can actually be a form of projecting shame on to an other. The other here is the label “depressed”.

The label “depressed” almost becomes a smokescreen, a way for us to actually not look deeper into our thought processes and behaviour, thought processes and behaviour that could very well influence how we manage intense mental pain from there onwards.

Pain Is Not Shame

I’m all about the idea that Pain is Not Shame, and I love what the Mental Health Awareness Movement is doing to take the stigma out of being depressed.
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Being in pain, whether mental or physical, should never be something we are ashamed of.

At the end of the day grieving is never easy, regardless of what we call it.

Pain is pain.

Pain is ok, and pain should not be something that we are ashamed of.

Whether it’s a spiritual cleanse or not, seeing each other’s pain for what it is, is what it means to love.

To love is to be present. Unconditionally – without judgement or condemnation, and sometimes even without words or advice.

Love. Peace. Dopeness.

Watch My Video All About the Grieving Process

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