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Mayweather McGregor racism

Mayweather Vs McGregor – Racism or Healing?

Mayweather McGregor racism

If I say that the May Mac fight is for our collective healing I know you already think I’m nuts. Lol

The best rapper on the planet (that would be Jay-Z – bar myself of course! :P), put it like this; “you can’t heal what you never reveal”.

Racial tension between people we call black and people we call white is at a seemingly random high.

People we call black are typically feeling angry and victimised, people we call white are typically feeling angry and victimised.

How ironic. Everyone is feeling the same thing. (Because we are the same!)

You see we have Trump – clearly an undercover bigot. Actually is he even that undercover about it? Lol

Then we have these random and sporadic terror attacks spreading fear and violence.

Meanwhile we still have little children being blown up in the Middle East and Africa – mostly going under radar.

The world is filled with hatred, anger and victimisation that has largely been racialised.

It’s acceptable to “hate” the black or white other.

It’s just what we do.

I call this obsessive focus on other, “otherism”.

Otherism is a result of hugely ashamed internal fractures that occur within an individual.

Society does not give birth to the individual, individuals impose collectively its impression of itself on to society.

In other words (no pun intended), what we are, amounts to the world that WE create.

We have “other” parts of ourselves that we quite literally have abandoned, repressed and shamed. So much so that many people will take offence to the above statement.

How can I be so sure?

How we treat “others” is always a perfect reflection of how we treat our internal self. The self and other are one.

Just look at society. Look at the world we have created. It’s filled with division and an obsessive addiction to chopping up humankind into silly categories we see as “us” or “others”.
Mayweather McGregor racism
It’s us verse them nearly always. The West versus Islam. Blacks versus Whites. Transgender-type liberty vs religious-type righteous conservatism. Etc. Etc.

Are you bored yet?

So here we have this big money fight. It has been framed as “black versus white”.

Who turned the fight into a racial matter, Mayweather or McGregor?

It doesn’t matter, this is what it has become for many people. Not all of us. Not the sane ones, but just by reading YouTube comments for example, the level of racist bullying feels like we’re being thrown back into a 1960s Southern America time warp.

So what the heck does this have to do with healing?

Well we, collectively, are being exposed.

The parts of our collective self that we hate are being brought to light. Quite literally we are diving into the painful woefulness of our collective shadow.

The shadow we call “other”.

Whoever wins this Saturday, you bet, it will play a key factor in the healing of our collective self-loathing. Collective self-loathing that is often contextualised in terms of imaginary categories that we call race.

For this reason I predict a Mayweather win, but more importantly, I predict that BOTH fighters will show a public display of mutual respect after the fight.

Let’s see.

We can’t heal what we never reveal. 😉

Peace. Love. Dopeness.


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Mayweather McGregor racism

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