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Love our enemy

Love Our Enemy… It’s Self Love in Action

How to love our enemy

There’s all this talk about loving our enemy.

Why? How?

Should we love our enemies to make us feel righteous?

Should we love our enemies so we feel noble?

Loving our enemies is the same as loving ourselves because everything is our reflection.

One of the most difficult practices is to look at something we do not like in our reflection and recognise that we are that. We have literally attracted that into our reality.

It’s not to say we take self-blame and criticise ourselves for the action of others.

It’s not to say that we take responsibility for the action of others either.
How to love our enemy

What we miss often is that the law of attraction means not only that we can attract whatever we want, it means that we are attracting whatever we are.

We can use our so-called enemies then as a useful mirror helping us to know who we are in this moment.

Anything we no longer want to attract we can simply, at any time, choose what else we would prefer.

But to choose something we prefer, we must first recognise that what we attracted, was us. We recognise that it was who we were and we don’t judge it. We don’t shame ourselves. We simply accept it. Lovingly if possible lol.

If we try to attract something different without recognising that we were what we attracted, then the Universe will give us the same thing. The Universe does this so we can learn who we are being, as a human being.

We have many soulmates throughout our lifetime.

How incredible is the idea that sometimes our so-called enemy is in fact one of our soulmates!?

A soulmate could be described as anyone who allows you to see who you are clearer than others do.

This description would include those who trigger us in ways others do not.

The triggers might be painful, but the presentation of pain is always a great chance for healing.

Even if you don’t believe in soulmates it’s still a useful idea.

If we have the perspective that the Universe is always serving our best and greatest interest then we are less inclined to become victims of our circumstances.

Knowing we create reality is not supposed to be some harsh indictment. It is to empower and inspire us to always strive for what we long for.

You know, the things that make our hearts race, our sweat pour and our tongues wag!

Forget all this trying to prove a point to our haters crap.

What we perceive as an enemy could be the catalyst for the change we’ve always wanted.

Peace. Dopeness. Love. Light.
Chaun 😉

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