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I Am That I Am: 5 Magical Words


These five magical words might just change your life.

It is so normal for us to imagine ourselves as who we might become.

We dream and romanticise about where we might be in 2 or 3 years time.

But who we might become is not who we are being. Who we might become also is not where we are now.

Obsessive focus on who we might become then is a form of abandonment for who we are today.

Acceptance is found in the now, not in the future. Acceptance is love.

When we say, “I am that I am”, and we fully mean it, what we are doing in this moment is recognising ourselves as completely one with both the creator and the created.

Say for instance you wake up feeling groggy, (which literally just happened to me now lol).

As soon as we recognise the feeling of grogginess, we are trained from birth in this current world to shun and abandon any feelings that “do not feel good” as separate from ourselves.

We are not allowed to be anything that doesn’t feel pleasant. We call these feelings, “BAD”.
We make the equation into this, when I feel unpleasant emotions I am bad, and I have probably done something wrong.

How about feeling groggy because at this moment you are groggy and you are manifesting this as grogginess.

Kinda simple. (No long ting – as we say in London).

So we could instead just say to ourselves I AM THAT I AM!

When we do this we become one with now and we are at our full capacity to create magic and enjoy what we are creating in the now.

We also in this moment recognise ourselves as one with the creator.

What is Otherism?

The extent to which we perceive ourselves as “other”, is the extent to which we imagine ourselves as being other than where we are right now.

Perceiving of an “other” is so completely normal in our minds that to imagine we could exist in a way without an “other” seems like a really stupid joke.

I am me and you are other. Dah.

However the stronger we are attached to the idea of an “Other” the stronger we are attached to the idea that separation is real.

The most painful God-state to be in is one where we perceive ourselves as separate. This is an illusion. God cannot be separate if God is all that there is!

None of us can escape Otherism. We are all one. If society perceives an “other”, eg blacks and whites, straights and gays, cis and trans etc, then internally we can only do the same.

Society and the self are a projection of the same thing, that thing is: the Universe! or God.

Many of us live a life trying to be something other than who we are now.

We think that if we continue to focus on who we might become then one day, in the magical future, we might become that thing.

It’s like dangling a carrot in front of your face. Mate, you’ll never get to eat that carrot.

The most successful people in this world have developed the strongest ability to harness the power of Now.

Successful people, when success is not defined by richness but rather by the amount of value we bring to the world, recognise themselves as creators (even if they don’t consciously realise that they do!).

Success says, I have the power to create my own destiny.

Delusion says, I am worth something now because of who I might become in my destiny.

When you realise that you have the power to create your own destiny you realise that that power exists not in some imaginary future, but right in the now, where you are.

Why Do We Avoid Now?

In the Now often there lay a shit load of pain.

In the now often we haven’t learnt to accept unpleasant emotions. We see unpleasant emotions as either an indication that we are bad people or that we have done something wrong.

Because unpleasant emotions mean, for so many of us, that we have done something wrong, we avoid it completely.

We are quite literally running away from ourselves.

We are creators and we are creation of what we create.

Only in the power of Now do we step into our full power.

Only when we loosen our attachment to “Otherism” do we create a world filled with much more love.

Only when we loosen our attachment to “Otherism” do we come together united in the Universal truth of Oneness.

Peace. Love. Dopeness

I Am that I am

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