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Racism How to Free Yourself from It Completely

We are creators.

We use words to create certain feeling states.

When a word, phrase or term is strongly able to trigger certain feeling states then that word has power.

The word nigger makes you feel something. The word apple does not make you feel something in the same way that nigger does.

The word nigger has more power than the word apple.

Why does the word nigger make you feel something?

When you hear the word nigger it triggers a set of experiences, belief systems, and thought processes that all pertain to a vibrational feeling state.

I type the word again, nigger.

You might respond to the word nigger with feelings of inferiority such as shame (displeasure), fear or anger, or you might respond to it with feelings of superiority such as desire (pleasure), disdain, scorn, pride or hatred.

The emotional responses are only inferior or superior because it either makes you feel better or worse about yourself.

Perhaps you are neutral and you feel composed. The word makes you feel neither better nor worse about yourself. (Great!)

Let’s call the person using the word nigger the attacker. The attacker uses the word nigger to express disgust at “another”.

Let’s call “another” the attacked.

Let’s say that the person attacked responds to the attacker with feelings of shame or humiliation.

The attacker has projected his disgust on to the attacked who is supposed to feel ashamed or humiliated.

The feeling state of disgust, shame and humiliation are vibrationally the same.

In this moment, the attacker and the attacked vibrate exactly the same unless the one who is attacked exists in a state that is elevated above the feeling state of shame (aka disgust).

If upon hearing the word nigger you feel neutral then the attackers’ vibration will also raise and it will be energetically impossible for the attacker to project their feeling state of disgust on to you.

Disgust, shame and humiliation all vibrate exactly the same – low!

In order for the attacker to project his feeling of disgust on to the person who is attacked, the feeling of disgust must already be held by the attacker. The feeling of disgust within the attacker represents an aspect of himself that he has repressed.

In other words, you as the attacker are no longer consciously aware of this feeling of shame. It is now subconscious.

On earth currently it is impossible to have a human being who exists in an absolute state of shame. This place is called hell. We only have aspects of ourselves that feel ashamed.

As an attacker your choice to use the word nigger to shame another can only occur because you feel a deep sense of repressed shame or disgust.

This skill is called projection. We don’t have to learn how to project our feeling states on to another, we come to earth already knowing how to do it.

A baby projects its feeling of discomfort on to his mother by crying. The mother becomes discomfort and responds by giving him her breast.

As adults we only project emotions on to another for feelings that are supressed. We only suppress feelings that we deem unacceptable. Shame is usually a suppressed emotion.

Nobody wants to feel that an aspect of themselves is in shame. We avoid feeling states that we don’t like by suppressing them.

The attacker who feels disgusted by some aspect of himself projects his disgust on to “another”. The intention of the attacker is for the “another” to share with him his feelings of shame.

Energetically there is no such thing as “another”. When the attacker uses nigger to humiliate “another”, an aspect of the attacker must already be in a vibrational state of disgust. If the “another” feels humiliated then the “another” was already in a vibrational state of disgust (shame) too.

The attacker has become disgust. The attacked has become shame. They have both become the same thing.

Humiliation, disgust and shame vibrate exactly the same – very low!

Because the attacker and the attacked are vibrationally the same they are able to share this moment where the attacker is using the word nigger to shame the attacked.

The attacker and the attacked who feels ashamed help each other to know who they are in this moment.

We have an ability to access higher vibrational states to make us feel better.

This is a skill we come to earth with and we don’t have to learn how to do it.

A baby who is hungry feels craving, the baby responds with the emotion of anger in the form of crying because anger feels better than craving.

Because shame is the lowest vibrational state that a human can exist as, any feeling state above shame might feel better, even though it still does not feel good.

Grief and anxiety are vibrationally higher states than shame and guilt. Hatred is also higher vibrationally than shame or guilt. Grief sucks and so too does anxiety. But shame feels heavier than both grief and anxiety.

Words such as nigger trigger (lol) the emotional state of hatred. (call me jigga :P)

Hatred is a much higher vibration than humiliation. When you become hatred you energetically feel better than when you become humiliated.

In order to become hatred, you must first become anger.

In order to project the feeling of humiliation on to another you must already exist as disgust. When you use the word nigger you move into a vibration of anger and you become hatred.

In this moment it feels good.

The movement from disgust to hatred feels like ecstasy. It is addictive.

How to Free Yourself from Racism

Free yourself from racism
Hating people in order feel better about yourself is addictive, but if you are in this state know that an aspect of yourself is heavily weighed down by deeply repressed feelings of personal shame and disgust.

What makes you feel disgusted about yourself?

As the attacker you have projected your sense of disgust on to a social group of your subconscious choosing. You probably chose this social group subconsciously based on the cultural environment you were raised in.

Common social groups deemed as acceptable to project shame on to include black people (racism), gay people (homophobia), trans people (transphobia).

If the one who is attacked does not already exist in the vibration of shame then he will not feel ashamed or humiliated.

The highest vibrational response to humiliation is peace and then love and then forgiveness and then neutrality and then pride and then anger.

In the moment that the attacker uses the word nigger to project his disgust on to you, you are able to transmute the energy into a higher vibrational state according to how you feel in that moment.

We all have the ability to transmute energy. It is a skill that we do not have to learn.

A baby transmutes his mother’s feelings of anxiety into a feeling of love when she looks into his eyes.

When we feel angry it is a higher feeling than feeling ashamed but obviously anger is a much lower feeling state than feeling forgiveness or compassion.

When Jesus Christ was humiliated on the cross he transmuted the feeling state of humiliation into the feeling state of forgiveness. It is a very advanced skill to have.

Transmutation at this level is healing for both the subject and object. Jesus and other Masters have a healing abillity which can elevate people from aspects of shame (darkness) into aspects of forgiveness and love (light).

People who appear to remain quiet in the face of humiliation have not become acceptance. They have become ashamed.

The most common response to someone else projecting their shame on to you is to become angry. Becoming anger, vibrationally, feels better than feeling ashamed.

The black power movement is an example of transmuting collective shame into a feeling state of collective anger and (even higher) pride.

To feel absolute peace in the face of projected shame is the highest version of love. It is also very difficult to do.

At the moment, I am personally in a place of being able to transmute projected shame in the form of racism into a feeling state of neutrality and sometimes compassion.

I am currently in a place where I tend to transmute projected shame in the form of transphobia into a feeling state of pride and on the odd occasion compassion.

This has not always been the case. I used to be a match to projected shame by feeling an equivalent state of shame for both racism and transphobia.

Perhaps in another article I’ll explain how I got here 😉

…To be continued.

Peace. Dopeness. Love. Light

Free yourself from racism

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