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The Gender Revolution Has Begun…Apparently!

The Gender Revolution

What is gender? What is the gender revolution?

It’s hardly an age old debate. In fact it’s a rather post-modern debate.

Is gender determined by your genitalia? Well traditionally of course, yes, what else? “And what about the intersexed?” one may ask in response, “I guess they are just something else”, might be the response.

So here we see that the traditional way of thinking ultimately reduces gender to three separate categories, men, women and inbetweeners.

In this modern, fast-paced and rapidly evolving world these traditional and conservative notions of gender are just not sitting well with young folk.

Younger people are increasingly feeling suffocated by the gender expectations levied upon them as determined by their biological sex at birth.

What do they call this? Apparently it’s the gender revolution. What does the gender revolution say?

Put simply, the gender revolution says 1. There are more than three genders, and 2. Gender is not determined by one’s sex at birth.

The gender revolution recognises biological sex as a human fact. It states however that biological sex does not determine one’s preferred gender.

Gender revolutionaries argue that any individual person for example could identify themselves as either a cis man, a cis woman, a trans man, a trans woman or non-binary. You see, in this context genitals don’t jingle. They don’t matter.

So essentially the gender revolution sees it that there are in effect five genders. Yes, five genders: cis man, cis woman, trans man, trans woman and non-binary.

Cis gendered men tend to have bollocks and willies, but again this is not necessarily so. A cis gendered man could get his dick cut off for example, he is still cis gendered.

A trans woman might have biologically male genitals or surgically constructed female genitals for example. Regardless, the gender revolution says that she is still a trans woman regardless of her genitalia.

The gender revolution ultimately recognises gender as not only a social construct, but also as a CHOICE. In this way the gender revolution makes it possible for an individual to have a gender preference, rather like we have a sexual preference.

Gender fluidity says that any individual has a right to change his or her gender preference whenever the frik they want.

It’s not to say that an individual chooses his or her gender deliberately or even consciously. Gender preference says that any individual can choose to express their own gender in terms that suit them, however and whenever they want. A trans man may, for example, choose after some time to adopt a cis gendered female identity if they discover that a cis gendered female identity is actually more reflective of their true and authentic self.

A cis gendered identity states that the gender that you identify with is congruent to the biological sex you were assigned with at birth. As a transgender person the gender revolution says that the gender you identify with is incongruent to the biological sex assigned to you at birth.

Gender preference also says that any individual can adopt the use of male, female or neutral pronouns in accordance with their gender preference. Typically cis and trans men will prefer he and his, cis and trans women might typically prefer she and her, and non-binaries may typically prefer to use theirs or them.

Any intersex person would have the privilege of choosing their own gender as either cis or trans, man or woman, depending on their own uniquely beautiful configuration.

Modern society makes it possible for any individual to take advantage of modern science such that an individual may undergo a medical transition so that they feel more comfortable with their bodies in their preferred gender. Then again, they may not undergo a medical transition if they do not wish to do so.

Let’s also add here that gender has nothing necessarily to do with masculine or feminine energy. Any person in any gender can encompass any range or varying degrees of either masculine or feminine energy.

Will you be joining the gender revolution?

Please note that I now have a much much more advanced understanding of human sexuality. You can find out more on the advanced human sexual evolution page. I’m adding this note on 25th Feb 2018.

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Hi, I’m Chaun. I identify as non-binary but previously I have identified as transgender male. I transitioned in 2015 at the age of 29. I am now 37. I enjoy rapping, and rap on instagram sometimes. I’m a qualified teacher. I have also been diagnosed with anxiety disorder which means I’m not working at the moment. I work for myself as a hobby building a Children’s educational worksheet website, http://www.primarymathsworksheets.com. I enjoy playing monopoly online (I’m kinda obsessed with it!). I considered detransitioning, and made a series of YouTube videos of my confession that I wanted to become a girl again. I have since decided not to detransition and instead identify as non-binary. If you have any questions hit me up at chaunconscious@gmail.com

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