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When I am negatively charged I feel as though I cannot express myself. I become negatively charged so that I can experience what it is like to not feel.

When I do not know myself I do not feel. When I know myself I am able to positively charge in a negative space.

I cannot be negative. I can only be not charged.

When I grow up in a negative environment it doesn’t take much to trigger me into my default state which is negative. To release myself I must become aware.

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Everything I've been through in life has brought me to this single realisation: I live for love. I'm a passionate Manchester United fan, singer, rapper, songwriter and artistic performer. My sound is 'Tribal Electro Hip Hop'. I'm the Author of The Nu Vibe Book of Divine Truth. I'm also the author and founder of Cazoom Maths, 'Professional Maths Worksheets'. Whether I'm singing, rapping or writing, there’s a healing intention. I'm passionate about humans, freedom and happiness for all people. My becoming has been a miracle.

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