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When I am negatively charged I feel as though I cannot express myself. I become negatively charged so that I can experience what it is like to not feel.

When I do not know myself I do not feel. When I know myself I am able to positively charge in a negative space.

I cannot be negative. I can only be not charged.

When I grow up in a negative environment it doesn't take much to trigger me into my default state which is negative. To release myself I must become aware.

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Hi, I'm Chaun. I identify as non-binary but previously I have identified as transgender male. I transitioned in 2015 at the age of 29. I enjoy rapping, and rap on instagram sometimes. I'm a qualified teacher. I work for myself as a hobby building a Children's educational worksheet website, http://www.primarymathsworksheets.com. I enjoy playing monopoly online (I'm kinda obsessed with it!). If you have any questions hit me up at chaunconscious@gmail.com

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