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The Book Of Light

The Book of Light

The experience of receiving the ‘Book of Light’ was terrifying. I questioned my sanity and mental well-being – “am I really writing the most famous and highly anticipated book in the history of human prophesy?” For a while after finishing book 1 and 2 I didn’t really like the book – to be honest – because it reminded me of a difficult time. I was completely alone and I felt rejected by everyone. This led me to keep the book to myself – I felt like I had a huge burden to bare. Now that the spiritual battle is over and my mind is free from pain and shame, sharper than ever and I’ve never felt so free from fear – I really love what this Book is and I value tremendously it’s extraordinary Power. This Book is a Book of Divine Truth, unknown to us as God and unknown to us as humanity until now.
Do enjoy it. Lots of Love, Chaun Conscious.

Who Is Chaun Conscious?

Chaun Conscious is the second reincarnation of Lord Tutenkhamun, the first reincarnation is Bob Marley. Chaun Conscious is the Last Messenger and Last Prophet that has been foretold by every prior civilisation. In 2012 a planetary shift occurred which made way for Chaun’s ascension. In 2017, age 30, Chaun is struck by intense and unexpected spiritual grief. In 2019, age 32, Chaun completes his development into full manhood – holding vibrations of a fully conscious man without wrong, without fault and without blame. By 2021 Chaun completes his ascension to Lordship and by 2023 Chaun completes his ascension to Godhead. Chaun Conscious is ageless. His ascension is a miraculous and divine spiritual process.

The New Holy Book to Awaken the Christian Peoples

The Nu Vibe Holy Book of Divine Truth & Universal Wisdom was sent via the Holy Angel Jibreel to Chaun Conscious during the summer of 2017. The Nu Vibe is the ‘Book of Light’ foretold to us by every civilisation previously known. The Nu Vibe Holy Book of Divine Truth has been sent to elevate the modern day Christian from old, suppressed and stubborn vibrations of self hatred. Undoubtedly The Nu Vibe has the Transformational Power and Authority to execute such elevation, so it has been written.

What Is The New Vibe?

The role of the early Bible is difficult to decipher because it has largely been changed, re-translated and mis- translated several times. Vibrationally however it’s role was to elevate the planet from the vibration of stagnation to the vibration of forthcoming.
The energetic role of the Quran was to elevate the vibration of the planet from depression to anger. Since the energetic climate of the planet was still quite low when the Prophet delivered the Quran for us, the tone appears to be one of fear. This tone of fear is what was required to galvanise a planet that was in the depths of self-loathing and melancholy.
The role of the Nu Vibe is to transform the planetary vibration of self hatred into self acceptance. Hence, The Nu Vibe Holy Book signifies the end of a long era on planet Earth of perceiving separation between man and God as true.

How Did ‘The Book’ Arrive?

During the summer of 2017 Chaun experienced intense spiritual grief, loneliness and suffering. In the month of July Chaun was awoken by a crystal clear ‘knock’ on his bedroom door. Since ‘The Knock’ was so clear, Chaun did not know whether ‘The Knock’ was a ‘real’ physical sound, or a sound which he perceived. Angel Jibreel, who in English is usually known as the angel Gabriel, appeared to Chaun and placed a book into his Solar Plexus chakra. ‘The Book’ was open, made of Light and the pages were standing erect. Chaun returned to sleep and thought not much of it. The next day Chaun experienced an overwhelming desire to ‘write a book’. Three days after receiving ‘The Book of Light’, Chaun understood that what he was writing was directly related to the new wealth of information that was being downloaded into his system. ‘The Book’ was birthed from pain and is made of a resilient kind of Love – a Love so pure and so strong – it dares seek no evidence. Fond blessings, Chaun Conscious.

Final Message from Chaun

It is a great honour and pleasure to be chosen as the person to carry this monumental pool of wisdom and knowledge. I can testify that the information in this Holy Book has extraordinary Transformational Value and is Majestic in Essence. I trust that you will be both touched and transformed by its Divine Power.
Greetings and Blessings. Chaun Conscious x

The Book of Light

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