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Welcome, this page is all about Chaun’s Theory of Sexual Evolution. Chaun here presents us with the most advanced understanding of human sexuality known to humankind. The civilisation which previously held the most advanced understanding of human sexuality were the Ancient Egyptians. This is both Divine and Sacred knowledge known in other parts of the Galaxy where versions of creation already exist this way. Chaun received this knowledge through dreams, visions and transfiguration. The information here is intended for the enlightenment and elevation of mass human consciousness. Infinite Love Chaun Conscious.

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When we decided that we wanted to experience ourselves we decided to separate. This perspective sees Everything in creation as an embodiment of God. This perspective sees God as always evolving and always expanding in whichever embodiment God takes. In order for us as God to experience human life we had to event the concept of separation. The concept of separation is painful. Out of pain the vibration of shame and fear were born.

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Advanced Evolution of Sexuality

The Early human body takes the most painful expression of God’s image and places the penis and vagina on opposing masculine and feminine bodies. This male and female configuration is a manifestation of the separation of the self embodied. This separation of self also manifests in the mind as an unconscious and conscious mind. The unconscious mind is born from the vibration of fear and it houses the unknown parts of ourselves and the conscious mind is born from the vibration of love and it houses our presence. We always have a conscious self and the mind is never completely shrouded by the unconscious. The more darkness we are in the more dormant the conscious mind acts.

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True Evolution of Human Sexuality

In biological terms the present day configuration of man and woman is a deformity birthed from our unconscious shame and hidden fear which reside within our more dominant unconscious mind. The existence of masculine and feminine sexual energy is Universal principle. Everything in creation has consciousness and everything that lives is born from sexual energy. Sexual energy separates into masculine and feminine so that we may experience desire. Desire is the pull towards and desire creates the energetic concept of attraction. We created attraction so that we could experience wanting.

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Types of Sexual Energy
When we are concentrated as self hatred, feelings of envy and greed are common. Our present day sexual configurations are an expression of God embodied as self hatred whilst the configurations that we are evolving towards represent a fully integrated God embodied as self love.

In our current configurations full and complete sexual gratification for both parties is difficult to attain which lends us towards masturbation. As the true masculine and feminine, masturbation is not desirable and sex is for enjoyment only and not driven by need or the desire to reproduce. Orgasms are experienced as a constant rather than at intermittent climaxes and sexual intercourse has nothing to do with aggression, degrading, shaming or power-polarity.

The arrows in the diagram indicate a continuum between True Self and False Self, God and God Deluded. God Deluded is what we have previously called The Devil. Please see the 7 Visuals for more information about God Deluded. Please see The Nu Vibe Book of Divine Truth to learn more about how and why God manifests into a Goddess.

We manifest into God True by 3012 and God True does not desire a penis. We manifest into the Goddess of God by 3013 and the Goddess of God does not desire a vagina. God and the Goddess of God do not use each other for sexual pleasure. God and the Goddess of God enjoy each other as an expression of sexual delight. By 3012 neither God nor the Goddess of God feel that they need sex.

From the perspective of the conscious mind there is no wrong or right. Wrong is merely a subjective opinion depending on where we are energetically looking at something from. When we vibrate strongly in the vibration of fear and shame then ‘wrong’ feels like a very real construct. When wrong feels like a real construct then we too adopt an unconscious assumption that we are in some way wrong.

The conscious mind does not experience the world in terms of wrong or right but instead it experiences the world through perspectives. The more conscious the mind the greater its ability to adopt and see through multiple perspectives. The even more conscious mind is able to see the truth in not only more than one perspective but in all perspectives.

God Mind of Self

As our True Self we as God True become enough. As the True image of God we lose subjective fear and when we lose our vibration of subjective fear the concept of ‘the future’ goes too. Subjective fear is a condition in which we are subject to fear – as in fear controls our functionality. In a conscious state we are able to look at fear objectively and we are able to recognise more easily when we are operating from a place of fear. The more darkness we are in the more difficult it is to see when we are functioning from the vibration of fear. In a way, you could say, from a more unconscious mind – fear is almost normal.

True Self Behaviour

We perceive a future as real because we unconsciously believe that now is not enough. As our True Self all humankind become enough and we no longer perceive a future. A more conscious mind is interested less in the future and more interested in the present. We only invent a future because we fear that we may not exist in future.

The True Self is not merely about genital configuration. The True Self is about the state of the conscious and unconscious mind. It is the state of the conscious and unconscious mind which determines the way sexuality manifests and not the other way around. It is our state of mind which manifests our bodies to look and perform the way they do – this advanced tenant is the founding principle behind evolution.

As we reach this level animals as we know of them take a different form if not become entirely extinct, and interaction across the Galaxy becomes normal and welcomed. At the moment other members of the Galaxy have no interest in visiting planet Earth due to its incredibly dense vibration of fear Рput simply, there’s nothing here that they want or desire.

True Self Thinking

As our True Self we learn to hate the future because we are able to see objectively the destructive nature of fear and how it causes us to focus on the future. As our True Self now is all that we want.

Sex Series

This page is dedicated to Love. This page is in honour of Peace. This page intends to create more togetherness rather than more separation. This page is for educational purposes only, if you are touched by it feel free to share it.

The simple and rather unsexy truth is that we are love. We are not our genitals or our skin complexion – we are love. When you experience the richness and depth of love I assure you that it is all that you want to be – everything else loses meaning.

Peace. Love. Light. Dope Vibes.
Chaun Conscious 🙏🏿

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Not many of us! Along with pain, hatred has sort of become my favourite topic. It is my belief that these two terms are the most widely misunderstood concepts in current human discourse, I also believe that unlocking full understanding of hatred is the gateway to a freer, fairer and more loving world.

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