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Hatred Chaun Conscious Bentley Records

Verse 1

There's a time for jokes and there's a time to be deep /
You've seen me joke you've never seen me weep /
You've seen me clap you've never seen me speak /
About the trans suicide that happened last week /
Let's talk facts now let's all meet /
Butchered by religious beef /
But they all repeat /
They don't even know that they got the same old beliefs/
We judge at the meet /
Not even discreet /
It's not how you greet /
What you do under sheets /
We pick on the weak /
We pick up the paper and look past the black kid killed last week / 
We're all slaves to fear / 
Let's dead all the wars and know that we're here /
Let's stand up tall and show that we care!

Hatred Hatred,
Does it make you glad?
Coz it makes me sad.
Does it make you glad?

Verse 2 

Confidence is earned there is no lying /
You’re either expanding or dying /
Or you’re either failing or trying / 
So when they say cocky tellum say what you want / 
Some seen hurdles they didn’t jump /
They’re from the 80s and they say wicked /
They’re born in Haiti so they stay wicked (haha) / 
My daughter health is wealth so invest in yourself / 
Never chase him only chase yourself / 
It’s not just your role to do all the help /
There is nothing to change only things to find / 
Observe your thoughts queen clean your mind /
You can waste space and you can waste time /
So just do you leave the waste behind /
And son as long as she’s unhappy happiness won’t come sooo /
I don’t mind if you don’t like school /
Just follow your passion it’s more useful /
Exams got you stressed like you ain’t youthful / 
But kids your grades don’t give you your worth /
Your natural talent is your gift not a curse /
Let’s love our pain to heal our hurt /
Let’s love pain to heal our her /

This is enough for me 
Let’s love our pain to heal our her. 

Chaun discovered his hidden talent in music production, rapping and singing just last year. Chaun’s singing voice developed as a consequence of a miracle whilst he was on his way to the market. Before his physical transition Chaun did not sing.

Before developing his unique electro hip hop sound, Chaun qualified as a maths teacher and worked in various schools across London. Chaun is passionate about social issues and is interested in bridging the gap between society and spirituality. As a keen writer, Chaun is passionate about equal rights for all people, including gay people and transgender people.

Chaun has a black belt in karate and a thing for dangerous weapons. Chaun considers anyone who goes against all odds as a fellow ninja warrior.

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