white dove chaun conscious
Electro Hip Hop


Locally known as a convention breaker, Chaun’s unique sound – Tribal Electro Hip Hop – combines Hip Hop, Electro-Funk and North African tribal percussion. As a rapper, singer and producer, Chaun’s songs contain a message of freedom and equality for all people. Below are 4 of Chaun’s demo tracks. Chaun regularly adds brand new bespoke material on his Instagram. Chaun’s music delivers a message of Universal Love, Oneness and Equality for all in a fun satirical way.

Chaun discovered his hidden talent in music production, rapping and singing just last year. Chaun’s singing voice developed as a consequence of a miracle whilst he was on his way to the market. Before his physical transition Chaun did not sing.

Before developing his unique electro hip hop sound, Chaun qualified as a maths teacher and worked in various schools across London. Chaun is passionate about social issues and is interested in bridging the gap between society and spirituality. As a keen writer, Chaun is passionate about equal rights for all people, including gay people and transgender people.

Chaun has a black belt in karate and a thing for dangerous weapons. Chaun considers anyone who goes against all odds as a fellow ninja warrior.