Least resistance

The Path of Least Resistance. What Is it?

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least resistance
Living a life dedicated to the path of least resistance is one I chose earlier this year.

After doing so I lost everything and became severely depressed. LOL!

Not a great advertisement is it?

The path of least resistance, put simply, is going against anything in life that seems “forced”.

Turns out that 99.9% of the life I had created was indeed forced.

It had to go.


When I signed up for a life dedicated to the path of least resistance, boy oh boy, I did not know that losing everything was also what I had signed up for.

I became nothing.

On a deeper level of course I understood that allowing myself to become nothing was an important, advanced and very difficult spiritual practice that I had to undergo.

Since choosing the path of least resistance I have already experienced a moment of enlightenment, and I embody a kind of peace and feeling of being in love previously unknown to me.

The best part is that I only started practicing this path deliberately earlier this year, so how many more benefits are to come? Hubba Hubba.

I speak about this new found peace on my youtube channel.

Ironically then, when you first start this path it is not at all easy, even though it’s called least resistance.

It’s not easy because we are trained from birth to force everything – some of us are trained in this school of thought more strongly than others.

If you have some recent African ancestry (also known as people we call black), then the idea of striving and working hard for everything will most probably be very engrained.

This kind of striving often looks like; challenge, struggle, burden, aggression, control, anxiety and also fear and desperation.

Once you get into the habit of least resistance however, life really does start to flow.

Within two weeks, for example, I manifested £7000 to live off, whereas just two weeks prior I had no idea where the next lot of money would come from. I did this without worrying where money would come from, I just assumed that as long as I do not resist the now, then my needs will be met at the right time.

Divine time, as they say.

Making decisions whilst practicing this path can sometimes feel tricky though.

How do we know when we are genuinely driven by inspiration or and when we are acting out of fear and desperation?

The answer, I find, is simply; how does it feel? If the thoughts and behaviour related to the decision come with a calm lovingness then it’s probably inspiration. If we feel fearful and anxious then it’s probably an act of desperation.

Often when we act out of desperation we are actually trying to avoid a painful aspect of ourselves that has been repressed and shamed.

A quick way to get out of desperation is to acknowledge what we are in fear of, or what we are trying to escape from, and say “I am that I am”.

These 5 words are powerful. I’ve written about I Am That I Am extensively.

What about if the path of least resistance makes us lazy and unmotivated?

When you practice the path of least resistance you don’t need to worry that you might become lazy or unmotivated because motivated thoughts and desires naturally arise at the most appropriate time when we are ready for them.

You never know, whilst you’re on the path of least resistance you might just receive the most amazing business idea you’ve ever had, occuring exactly when you need it!

Divine time, as they say 😉

Peace. Love. Dopeness.


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enlightenment chaun conscious

My Supernatural Journey

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Guys the real truth is that I have been going through a supernatural experience for the past 4 months, mostly towards the end of what I call my grieving period.

I haven’t spoken about it really. Fearing I just sound like a looney, or just trying to present the impression that I’m coping fine or happy post life break down.

But now I don’t give a shit! I’m opening up about it!

What I’m going through isn’t about happiness. I don’t feel happy. I feel this unexplainable feeling of in love, and if I don’t feel in love I feel this unexplainable peace.

I now know how to turn the energy of pain and when I’m done it becomes love.

I don’t know if I am doing it or if it is being done to me!

It is a process that seems to be speeding up.

The first time I did it it took months. I didn’t know that this is what was happening.

This was after what I called my ego death when I made the video saying “after 4 months I finally know why I went through it”. I described it as feeling so in love with love.

But yesterday I did it after a 15 minute period of what I can only describe as “pushing pain through my heart”.

There was about a day before where the pain was building up and getting ready to be released. I didn’t feel down, I just felt quite restless, with corresponding niggling thoughts.

After I transform the pain I feel incredibly in love! It reaches a peak and then it slows down.

But I never feel overall the same afterwards.

At the moment I can look at the lake without wanting to cry but yesterday I physically had to put my head down.

Man crying on road is a no no!

That’s an example of female privilege right there! Lol

Sometimes I ask myself, am I kidding myself? I then force myself to think about the things that triggered me before. Nothing happens! Lol.

In fact I feel even more peaceful or loving.

I’m going to start documenting this experience and opening up about it.

I am transforming at a phenomenal rate.

Last night I slept sooooooooo deep. I saw a pregnant woman conceive after 3 weeks.

My heart beat is noticeably stronger and I am noticeably taking deeper and longer breaths.

I’ve lost my appetite/ desire to cook. I feel thirst more obviously.

I feel a stillness / peace constantly and I am noticeably less driven to thoughts I was driven to before.

I am noticeably less drawn to certain people I was drawn to before, but not in some pushing away kind of way. In a loving way.

When I think about negative or insecure thoughts I feel the presence of the sun literally beaming on those thoughts.

This has all intensified since “my ego death” and in particular since yesterday.

I feel slightly less inclined to help through “teaching” and more long for my purpose to involve my physical presence.

I do of course love acting so I’m feeling a stronger desire to follow this course. I like using this blog as an outlet too.

It’s a peaceful and lovely feeling but it too comes with an aloneness, because I feel that no one would understand this!

What do you say to a guy who says he can’t stop crying when he looks at trees! Lol

Plus there’s the fact that I’m going through this experience alone. It was brought to my awareness yesterday that this is a process that I could only go through alone.

Most people I tell say congratulations as if it’s an achievement. I understand why they would say this, it seems as though I reached some kind of perfect place of nirvana!

That’s not how it feels though. I still feel strongly that all this has a purpose, I feel like I have a mission, so I feel restless also until I am able to realise this mission, this purpose.

I don’t feel like I have achieved anything in this. I feel I am becoming something.

That’s what it feels like, a becoming.

All I can think about is this experience. Every other thought lowers the feeling lol.

I just want to go for walks in the sun and I also want to share this!

I walk past old tiptonian’s looking kinda miserable and all I want to do is smile and say hello. I can’t stop smiling at dogs.

How will I end up using this to help the world?

I know 100% that the intensity of this love is not for one or two people. This is for a collection of many souls.

That I am certain. It’s just too strong!!

I’m excited about where it’s going.

I do think this process is not over. I think it’s going to continue to intensify.

I don’t know if I can contain the weeping next time. I’m going to stop forcing myself to hold back, and let this wonderful love flow, BECAUSE IT IS NOT NORMAL!

How will I be used here on earth!?


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Am I Experiencing Enlightenment??

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What is going on with me?

To be honest guys, I was MAJORLY holding down my emotions in these videos.

As soon as I finished I went for a walk. I was fighting hard to contain the tears!

Everything looked so beautiful!

I walked along the canal and I was fighting back tears.

The water looked so perfect!

If I do not feel this unbelievable feeling of in love then I feel this unimaginable peace.

I do not imagine that many people have experienced this. So sharing it is not so easy. My vibration actually goes down.

I mean this feeling is wonderful, amazing, but I want to do something with it!

I want to help.

I don’t just want to be abnormally peaceful and in love without being able to share this joy with others.

I have no idea how!

I suppose the universe will show me.

This experience is magical.

Maybe it’s enlightenment?

This is occurring 6 days after my spiritual death.

I never really thought about what enlightenment was before. I was never really that interested in it.

What else could this be?

Love. Peace. Dopeness


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Spiritual cleanse

Spiritual Cleanse or Depression? It’s Tricky

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What’s the difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse?

The difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse, in my view, is power.

When we go through a spiritual cleanse we insist on staying very close to the veracity of how we feel.

With a spiritual cleanse, we constantly check-in with ourselves about how we are feeling and we always look for the deeper and greater meaning behind the experience.

When we think of a spiritual cleanse we often contextualise the pain as grieving.

What Is Grieving?

Grieving is an important part of the spiritual process.

Grieving can be described as feeling intense sorrow, usually at something considered lost.

From a spiritual perspective, trauma, an experience that we have all encountered to some degree, necessarily lends us to abandon aspects of ourselves that are deemed as unacceptable.

Life then presents us with triggers, which I like to call opportunities, for us to grieve.

Typical triggers include; losing money, losing a job, relationship break downs, heart-break, death, illnesses etc.

These life events tend to spiral us into an intense period of grieving.

From a spiritual perspective these events are not actually the “cause” of the grief, they are events that we have manifested from aspects of ourselves that are in pain.

This is an extremely difficult concept to accept or come to terms with.
spiritual cleanse
If you feel uncomfortable with the idea that we manifest grief then I suggest you ignore it. It’s not too important in terms of understanding the difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse.

Understanding that we “create our own reality” doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes ages to accept it’s validity and this realisation often comes in incremental stages.

If you really want to believe that we create our own reality but you just can’t, don’t worry! Everything gets revealed when we are ready 🙂

What Happens With a Spiritual Cleanse?

When we consider an intensely painful experience as grieving, the process becomes one of refinement, purpose and strength.

I really do not wish to downplay the medical condition of depression. Neither do I wish to cause any offense.

I will tell you that on-paper, I should be diagnosed as suffering from medical depression. But I’m not.


Because I do not need a diagnosis of depression to help or alleviate my symptoms because, ultimately, I’m not looking to help or alleviate anything.

I accept and understand pain on a profoundly deep level and I have never been through a grieving period and not come out stronger by the end of it.

Read more about my ego death.

I have never ever come out of a grieving period and not felt a noticeable shift in my energy which then directly impacts on what I now attract into my reality.

There is absolutely no problem with anyone being diagnosed as depressed in my view.

I just feel that when we overuse the “I suffer from depression” mantra, we run the risk of losing our power. Sometimes quite significantly.

Sometimes the “I suffer from depression” self-talk can actually be a form of projecting shame on to an other. The other here is the label “depressed”.

The label “depressed” almost becomes a smokescreen, a way for us to actually not look deeper into our thought processes and behaviour, thought processes and behaviour that could very well influence how we manage intense mental pain from there onwards.

Pain Is Not Shame

I’m all about the idea that Pain is Not Shame, and I love what the Mental Health Awareness Movement is doing to take the stigma out of being depressed.
spiritual cleanse
Being in pain, whether mental or physical, should never be something we are ashamed of.

At the end of the day grieving is never easy, regardless of what we call it.

Pain is pain.

Pain is ok, and pain should not be something that we are ashamed of.

Whether it’s a spiritual cleanse or not, seeing each other’s pain for what it is, is what it means to love.

To love is to be present. Unconditionally – without judgement or condemnation, and sometimes even without words or advice.

Love. Peace. Dopeness.


Watch My Video All About the Grieving Process

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The war on individuality

The War on Individuality: Why?

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The War on Individuality

Individuality is bad business.

Being too individual is often seen as wrong or even scary.

Expression which deviates too far from the norm can be judged as bad for society or bad for children.

The idea is that self-expression must be contained within the parameters that already exist.

This idea of preserving status quo is one of the legacies of our religious past.

Traditional religiosity subliminally communicates that change is bad.

Our religious past says that we can only accept one version of the truth by God, which is seen as unchanging no matter if it happened 3000 years ago.

The world changes every week, so how much will it change every 1000 years?

We hold on to ancient traditions out of fear of the unknown, but we can’t change unless we are willing to embrace the unknown.

Traditional religious-type conservatism says that self-expression must not deviate too far from what already exists, because what already exists is the only thing that is legitimate and right.

I’m pleased to say that we have started rebelling against draconian ideals of normal expression.

Freedom of expression is now the new free speech.

People are tired of being like everyone else.

In order to become more free in our individual expression we have to stop our habitual practice of doing this one thing:


We have become approval mad.

The common ways we disapprove are via ignoring and rejection, as well as projection of disgust, for example calling things ugly or unattractive.

In extreme cases we disapprove through verbal or physical punishment.

I do not like to genderise anything, but this is particularly true amongst young women. (I find).

When we are entrenched in a mentality which says that our value depends on whether we are approved of, then difference becomes ugly.

Our obsession with how we look for example, is largely based on an idea that says that if we look good, then we are approved of.

When we don’t look good, or attractive, we are not approved of.

When our sense of value is so heavily dependent on approval, then anything that cannot be approved of is unattractive.

What we have here is a culture that is at war with individual expression.

Deciding that there should be a confinement on the way God can be expressed, is like shaking a can of coke, opening it, and expecting it not to spill.

You know when you look at old photo’s and everyone looks the same?

Is that really what we want for ourselves?


If together we are the totality of God’s expression, then for God’s sake let’s have some fun and shine God’s Light in an infinite spectrum of colour, vibrancy and creativity.

Darn it.

Peace. Love. Dopeness



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I am that I am chaun conscious

I Am That I Am: 5 Magical Words

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These five magical words might just change your life.

It is so normal for us to imagine ourselves as who we might become.

We dream and romanticise about where we might be in 2 or 3 years time.

But who we might become is not who we are being. Who we might become also is not where we are now.

Obsessive focus on who we might become then is a form of abandonment for who we are today.

Acceptance is found in the now, not in the future. Acceptance is love.

When we say, “I am that I am”, and we fully mean it, what we are doing in this moment is recognising ourselves as completely one with both the creator and the created.

Say for instance you wake up feeling groggy, (which literally just happened to me now lol).

As soon as we recognise the feeling of grogginess, we are trained from birth in this current world to shun and abandon any feelings that “do not feel good” as separate from ourselves.

We are not allowed to be anything that doesn’t feel pleasant. We call these feelings, “BAD”.
We make the equation into this, when I feel unpleasant emotions I am bad, and I have probably done something wrong.

How about feeling groggy because at this moment you are groggy and you are manifesting this as grogginess.

Kinda simple. (No long ting – as we say in London).

So we could instead just say to ourselves I AM THAT I AM!

When we do this we become one with now and we are at our full capacity to create magic and enjoy what we are creating in the now.

We also in this moment recognise ourselves as one with the creator.

What is Otherism?

The extent to which we perceive ourselves as “other”, is the extent to which we imagine ourselves as being other than where we are right now.

Perceiving of an “other” is so completely normal in our minds that to imagine we could exist in a way without an “other” seems like a really stupid joke.

I am me and you are other. Dah.

However the stronger we are attached to the idea of an “Other” the stronger we are attached to the idea that separation is real.

The most painful God-state to be in is one where we perceive ourselves as separate. This is an illusion. God cannot be separate if God is all that there is!

None of us can escape Otherism. We are all one. If society perceives an “other”, eg blacks and whites, straights and gays, cis and trans etc, then internally we can only do the same.

Society and the self are a projection of the same thing, that thing is: the Universe! or God.

Many of us live a life trying to be something other than who we are now.

We think that if we continue to focus on who we might become then one day, in the magical future, we might become that thing.

It’s like dangling a carrot in front of your face. Mate, you’ll never get to eat that carrot.

The most successful people in this world have developed the strongest ability to harness the power of Now.

Successful people, when success is not defined by richness but rather by the amount of value we bring to the world, recognise themselves as creators (even if they don’t consciously realise that they do!).

Success says, I have the power to create my own destiny.

Delusion says, I am worth something now because of who I might become in my destiny.

When you realise that you have the power to create your own destiny you realise that that power exists not in some imaginary future, but right in the now, where you are.

Why Do We Avoid Now?

In the Now often there lay a shit load of pain.

In the now often we haven’t learnt to accept unpleasant emotions. We see unpleasant emotions as either an indication that we are bad people or that we have done something wrong.

Because unpleasant emotions mean, for so many of us, that we have done something wrong, we avoid it completely.

We are quite literally running away from ourselves.

We are creators and we are creation of what we create.

Only in the power of Now do we step into our full power.

Only when we loosen our attachment to “Otherism” do we create a world filled with much more love.

Only when we loosen our attachment to “Otherism” do we come together united in the Universal truth of Oneness.

Peace. Love. Dopeness

I Am that I am

Video: How to Turn Pain Into Power

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Love isnt sexy

Love Isn’t Sexy Is It? lol

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Love isn’t sexy

So it’s now two days after what I can only describe as my ego death.

I’m still waiting to feel an acute sense of emotion. Still I feel nothing.

I tried to meditate this morning and I realised that how I feel when I meditate is actually the best way to describe how I have been feeling for the past two days.

Not high. Not low. Just, as is. Still.

I wrote about it yesterday in this article, My Ego Death Experience.

To be honest, last night I started to get a bit bored. I guess that’s a feeling.

I didn’t really feel tired in the way I used to and I couldn’t sleep.

I decided to download some games on my phone and play them.

What the heck??

Playing games on my phone is just something I never do. Or did.

Eventually I grew tired and fell asleep.

This morning I woke up feeling exactly the same.

I also noticed that my sexual desire seemed to have lessened remarkably as well.

The increase in libido following my transition has probably been the only thing about my transition that I have not enjoyed.

Thinking about sex 24/7 is actually not that fun.

I went to the bathroom and had a thought, “the offer of love just isn’t sexy, is it? lol”.

Up until now, I had always attracted women who were drawn to the darker side of me, you know, the aggression, the control, the cockiness, even my quick temper.

Perhaps it was just a reflection of the kind of women I attracted, but this morning I smiled when I thought about the idea of being some kind of love drunken hippie. lol.

It’s just not sexy is it lol.

But all I really care about now is love.

At the beginning of my grieving period I was suicidal and hopeless. I felt as though I literally had nothing to live for. Everything that I knew and loved had been taken from me within weeks.

I never had close family ties so I kind of felt that my absence wouldn’t be hugely felt by my family.

Even as I type this I am acutely aware of how little emotion I feel. Am I a sociopath now? Lol. I’m joking.

But now, after my ego death, I have found something to live for. The reason is love.

I have found love to be more than a good enough reason to live.

I looked at the conscious T shirts I had designed and felt strangely put off by logos such as, “Looks fade confidence doesn’t”, or “Proud Vegan”.

To be honest, all I want to have on the t shirt designs are things about Love, God and Universal Oneness.

Even as I type I am waiting to feel sorry for myself.

I feel bloody nothing mate.

It’s so strange.

Maybe if I can tap into anything it’s me wondering if I’ve lost my sex appeal to women, I guess that emotion is called fear.

Yeah, I feel that, just a bit.

I’m making a visual today called How to Turn Pain into Power. I hope it’s useful for us.

Peace. Dopeness. Love


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My ego death experience

Spiritual Death Experience: The Day I Died

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My Spiritual Death Experience

I lay in bed.

It’s around 4pm in the day.

The curtains are closed and it’s as dark as an English summer can be.

Where is the heaviness?

Where is the sorrow?

Where is the grief?


I look at my bedside clock and yawn.

I figured that if I just lay here for a bit i’d get some sort of feeling. Some sort of impetus to do something.


Eventually I sat at the edge of my bed. I stared at myself in the mirror.

By this point my grieving period had involved some unbelievably intense supernatural phenomena, and I had started to question my sanity.

I figured to myself that as long as I continue to question my sanity, then that’s a good sign that I’m not actually in, or going insane.

I looked at myself dead in the eye.

How do you feel mate?


This was starting to feel a bit weird. Why couldn’t I feel anything?

Just the day before I had felt an overwhelming sense of triumph, which I saw as an indication of the end of my grieving period.

I felt this kind of love I had never known. I did not know what I was in love with. It was like I was in love with love.

During this time due to the sheer intensity of the pain and grief I started creating vlogs for myself.

The following morning I had come to the profound realisation that I had manifested a situation in my life where I literally became nothing.

My business, money, car and romantic relationship had all gone, all within the same month, and my personal life was non-existent. I had no family or friends and I was completely alone.

But for the first time in the 4 month grieving period, I felt this overwhelming realisation that I had created it.

I realised that all of my life had amounted to this point, where I had manifested the becoming of nothing.

It’s like my whole life made sense. I realised I must have come here with the intention of becoming nothing – unseen, unheard, unknown, disconnected and completely alone.

Why was I ok with that?

I didn’t really understand what was going on.

Maybe I’m kidding myself. Maybe I’ve just become numb. The pain, the grief, it would certainly kick back in at some point.

I forced my mind to ponder over the loss of a business, the loss of my money and the loss of my ex girlfriend.

Why the heck couldn’t I feel anything?

I felt no anger, no resentment, no care. Just nothing.

It was so strange, almost surreal.

I sat there waiting to feel something. A desire to do something. Go somewhere.


Eventually I felt the desire to go for a walk.

I did my usual go to the park walk, which was something I had become very accustomed to whilst grieving.

Usually, if there were too many people in the park then I wouldn’t really want to go in. I always wanted to be in the park by myself. I just wanted to be alone with nature.

This time the park was busy and vibrant. I didn’t mind. I didn’t even notice in fact, until I realised, “Ah people, how strange that I’m cool with this”.

Because I didn’t necessarily feel good, I didn’t feel bad, just neutral, I assumed that something heavy would kick in at some point.

On my way home I realised how I felt.

I felt dead. Something had died.

Had I experienced a spiritual death?

I went home and Googled spiritual death. The results displayed some Christian blog articles that I wasn’t particularly drawn to.

I then came across the Buddhist notion of Ego Death.

That’s it, I thought, my ego was dead. Or at least, more dead than before.

I looked at my phone and felt uncomfortable with the disorganisation of the Apps. I also deleted Instagram and Facebook. I wanted my phone to be as empty as possible.

Night-time came and in the darkness of my room I thought to myself, “Here we go, darkness. Something is going to kick in.

I waited for raging thoughts of my ex and her new love interest (just 3 months after breaking up) to pollute my mind.


I even went to the website of the business that was unethically acquired.


What the fuck. I was dead. My ego was dead.

I lay in bed. The darkness felt strangely peaceful. Almost beautiful.

I waited for the desire to do something.

I decided to blog.

Here I am.

The day after my ego death.

NB: At the time I called this an ego death to avoid the christian sounding Spiritual Death. What I went through was a spiritual death. I am adding this note on 16th January 2018. love Chaun

I hope I haven’t lost my game or sexual charm lol 🙂

Peace. Love. Dopeness.


Ego Death

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Love our enemy

Love Our Enemy… It’s Self Love in Action

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How to love our enemy

There’s all this talk about loving our enemy.

Why? How?

Should we love our enemies to make us feel righteous?

Should we love our enemies so we feel noble?

Loving our enemies is the same as loving ourselves because everything is our reflection.

One of the most difficult practices is to look at something we do not like in our reflection and recognise that we are that. We have literally attracted that into our reality.

It’s not to say we take self-blame and criticise ourselves for the action of others.

It’s not to say that we take responsibility for the action of others either.
How to love our enemy

What we miss often is that the law of attraction means not only that we can attract whatever we want, it means that we are attracting whatever we are.

We can use our so-called enemies then as a useful mirror helping us to know who we are in this moment.

Anything we no longer want to attract we can simply, at any time, choose what else we would prefer.

But to choose something we prefer, we must first recognise that what we attracted, was us. We recognise that it was who we were and we don’t judge it. We don’t shame ourselves. We simply accept it. Lovingly if possible lol.

If we try to attract something different without recognising that we were what we attracted, then the Universe will give us the same thing. The Universe does this so we can learn who we are being, as a human being.

We have many soulmates throughout our lifetime.

How incredible is the idea that sometimes our so-called enemy is in fact one of our soulmates!?

A soulmate could be described as anyone who allows you to see who you are clearer than others do.

This description would include those who trigger us in ways others do not.

The triggers might be painful, but the presentation of pain is always a great chance for healing.

Even if you don’t believe in soulmates it’s still a useful idea.

If we have the perspective that the Universe is always serving our best and greatest interest then we are less inclined to become victims of our circumstances.

Knowing we create reality is not supposed to be some harsh indictment. It is to empower and inspire us to always strive for what we long for.

You know, the things that make our hearts race, our sweat pour and our tongues wag!

Forget all this trying to prove a point to our haters crap.

What we perceive as an enemy could be the catalyst for the change we’ve always wanted.

Peace. Dopeness. Love. Light.
Chaun 😉


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