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Welcome to the love revolution blog. The thoughts and ideas of Chaun Conscious. I hope you enjoy this safe space to be your self. Lotsa love and all that jazz 🙂

The love revolution is the blog of chaun conscious it is dedicated to love, hope, freedom and the Nu Vibe. The Nu Vibe is the vibration required to spark a love revolution through creativity and music and freedom as demonstrated by Chaun.


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Spiritual cleanse

Spiritual Cleanse or Depression? It’s Tricky

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What’s the difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse?

The difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse, in my view, is power.

When we go through a spiritual cleanse we insist on staying very close to the veracity of how we feel.

With a spiritual cleanse, we constantly check-in with ourselves about how we are feeling and we always look for the deeper and greater meaning behind the experience.

When we think of a spiritual cleanse we often contextualise the pain as grieving.

What Is Grieving?

Grieving is an important part of the spiritual process.

Grieving can be described as feeling intense sorrow, usually at something considered lost.

From a spiritual perspective, trauma, an experience that we have all encountered to some degree, necessarily lends us to abandon aspects of ourselves that are deemed as unacceptable.

Life then presents us with triggers, which I like to call opportunities, for us to grieve.

Typical triggers include; losing money, losing a job, relationship break downs, heart-break, death, illnesses etc.

These life events tend to spiral us into an intense period of grieving.

From a spiritual perspective these events are not actually the “cause” of the grief, they are events that we have manifested from aspects of ourselves that are in pain.

This is an extremely difficult concept to accept or come to terms with.
spiritual cleanse
If you feel uncomfortable with the idea that we manifest grief then I suggest you ignore it. It’s not too important in terms of understanding the difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse.

Understanding that we “create our own reality” doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes ages to accept it’s validity and this realisation often comes in incremental stages.

If you really want to believe that we create our own reality but you just can’t, don’t worry! Everything gets revealed when we are ready 🙂

What Happens With a Spiritual Cleanse?

When we consider an intensely painful experience as grieving, the process becomes one of refinement, purpose and strength.

I really do not wish to downplay the medical condition of depression. Neither do I wish to cause any offense.

I will tell you that on-paper, I should be diagnosed as suffering from medical depression. But I’m not.


Because I do not need a diagnosis of depression to help or alleviate my symptoms because, ultimately, I’m not looking to help or alleviate anything.

I accept and understand pain on a profoundly deep level and I have never been through a grieving period and not come out stronger by the end of it.

Read more about my ego death.

I have never ever come out of a grieving period and not felt a noticeable shift in my energy which then directly impacts on what I now attract into my reality.

There is absolutely no problem with anyone being diagnosed as depressed in my view.

I just feel that when we overuse the “I suffer from depression” mantra, we run the risk of losing our power. Sometimes quite significantly.

Sometimes the “I suffer from depression” self-talk can actually be a form of projecting shame on to an other. The other here is the label “depressed”.

The label “depressed” almost becomes a smokescreen, a way for us to actually not look deeper into our thought processes and behaviour, thought processes and behaviour that could very well influence how we manage intense mental pain from there onwards.

Pain Is Not Shame

I’m all about the idea that Pain is Not Shame, and I love what the Mental Health Awareness Movement is doing to take the stigma out of being depressed.
spiritual cleanse
Being in pain, whether mental or physical, should never be something we are ashamed of.

At the end of the day grieving is never easy, regardless of what we call it.

Pain is pain.

Pain is ok, and pain should not be something that we are ashamed of.

Whether it’s a spiritual cleanse or not, seeing each other’s pain for what it is, is what it means to love.

To love is to be present. Unconditionally – without judgement or condemnation, and sometimes even without words or advice.

Love. Peace. Dopeness.


Watch My Video All About the Grieving Process

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divine feminine

Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

What’s the worst insult you can levy at a transgendered or intersexed man?

You fuckin cunt? No.

You complete arse wipe? Nope.

You fish smelling cheesecake? Nah.

It goes something like this, “you’ll always be female to me”, “you’re a woman no matter what you think”, “you’ll always be female”. And you get the point.

When an individual, often cis gendered, wants to hurt a transman they will “remind” them that they are, in their view, “female”, “a woman”, or even “a bitch”.

So why is this an insult? Why is it an insult to be called a woman?

It can only be an insult to be called a woman if in that moment woman, or female, means less than.

See the attacker and the attacked here are exactly matched. If the one who is attacked is offended (the transman), then vibrationally he is completely matched with the attackers subliminal assumption that female means less than.

For why else would female be an insult?

We have for centuries lived in an energetic climate where masculine energy has not only been overly prevalent, but also grossly unbalanced.

The over prevalence of masculine energy creates an imbalance within both ‘male’ and ‘female’ subjects. It also creates an imbalance in the energetic climate within the totality of planet earth and its presiding civilisations.

An overly prevalent masculine energy looks like dominance, control, subordination. An under prevalent feminine energy looks like victimisation, uncertainty and powerlessness.

Any man that has an overly prevalent masculine energy will necessarily be matched to a female with an under prevalent feminine energy, and vice versa. Any woman with an overly prevalent masculine energy will be matched to a man with under prevalent feminine energy.

(Please make this relevant to all sexual/gender romantic combinations because I can’t be bothered to type out all the permutations! :P)

The unification of the divine masculine and divine feminine occurs at a vibrationally higher level than its absolute separation does. Hence, that men and women seem to be becoming more similar, is in fact a positive sign of our evolution as a species.

Due to the fact that masculinity and femininity has for a long time been out of whack, femininty in our civilisation has come to mean weakness, powerlessness and indeed less than.

Within the essence of every individual who is subject to socialisation (that’s all of us :P), we all have an unacceptable female aspect of ourselves to lesser or greater degrees, until we become conscious of it and make it acceptable.

When we not only accept, but embrace our internal divine feminine, as men and as women, we no longer hold on to the notion that femaleness means unacceptably less than.

In other words, when we embrace our internal divine feminine we let go of the vibration that says that being female necessarily means being less than.

Part of the reason why many souls are now incarnating as transgender is to teach humanity that femininity has nothing to do with body, sexual organs or chromosomes. Indeed the divine feminine is the god polarity of the divine masculine. It, as god, resides within all of us.

We are approaching an age where the divine feminine is being allowed to rise up within us men as well as within us women, and therefore within the totality of society too.

Just like we project unacceptable parts of ourselves on to others, our collective existence does this too in the form of social groups. Collectively we decide that certain social groups are unacceptable. As soon as that social group becomes accepted we find another social group to project our collective disapproval on to.

This process of projection and acceptance is in fact healing. Each time we do it we heal collectively and become more and more whole.

In order to facilitate the evolution of collective consciousness we are called to discover the parts of us that have become suppressed, deemed as unacceptable and banished as unworthy of love. We are called to love those unacceptable parts of ourselves as if our lives depended on it.

Let’s continue to love and accept femaleness, the femaleness that exists without and the femaleness that exists within.

When we, both men and women, love the divine feminine within, we love more of ourselves. Thus we become even more whole.

Peace. Love. Dopeness



Conscious Thinking
Conscious thought
Positive Affirmations

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black transgender men

Black Transgender Men

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Black transgender men.

It is my humble opinion that this group of individuals, from a societal perspective, are the most overlooked, underpaid and socially “unimportant” social group on the planet.


Well we know that “black girls don’t matter”.

So how about “black girls who feel trapped in the wrong gender marker”.

Now we really really don’t matter.

I say “we”, but I don’t really identify myself as “a black transgender man”, only because I do not identify myself as a “black man”.

I am simply Chaun. Chaun Conscious. I rap, sing, and build websites.

If you want to label me as a black man, or a black transgender man I have no problem with that.

I am fiercely and proudly transgender mind you.

Why Do I Not Identify as A Black Man

Well. I have major issues with the term “black”. I’ve written loads and loads about this already.

The point of this article is to say two things:

1) Black transgender men exist (world wake up!).

2) Black transgender men, like black girls, matter! WE MATTER!

haha. Now i’m deliberately fucking with your head.

Hey, check out the video and see what you reckon.

Peace and sex.

Chaun Conscious.

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shame how to deal with shame

Shame – How To Deal With Shame

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Shame – it has power.

What is the power of shame?


Shame has the amazing ability to control. It’s the only way we control in fact.

The birth of shame starts with religion.

Namely the monotheistic religions – Christianity and Islam.

The monotheistic religions taught us how to feel shame. Especially if ‘us’ is a woman, non-Caucasian, or enjoy sexual pleasure through means other than penis enters vagina.

Oh and by the way if you enjoy stimulating your own body – otherwise known as masturbating, then religion taught us to shame that too.

What is Shame?

Put simply shame is feeling wrong.

The greater we are ‘in shame’ the more ‘wrong’ we feel.

There is not one shame. There are several, millions of different vibrations held on the body and the metaphysical structures contained within and throughout the human body.

I have held all vibrations of shame in a single lifetime and healed them – this is a process which continues – wipppeee, fun *wink wink*.

How do we Shame?

There are several ways we shame – but by far the most common is through name-calling and, more perniciously, through ignoring.

It is scientifically more damaging to ignore someone, say a child, than it is to tell them you hate them every day.

Ignoring is a great way to shame someone.

What does it mean to shame someone?

To shame someone is to project your own feelings of shame, which are usually repressed and latent, on to someone else – imagined or realised.

For example, we may have never met a ‘black’ person in our lifetime before, yet we project our shames pertaining to carrying large penises or the joy of sex, on to black people.

We shame black people for being ‘lazy’, or ‘stupid’, when really, all we really really want is for a large black penis to penetrate our arse.

I’m sorry to be so crude. But I’ve seen enough bull shit to know what the heck I’m talking about.

I also do not have a unconscious and exist without holding typical vibrations of shame (a process which continues).

Put short I say what the fuck I want – knowing that the motive is always love.

When you have no or very little shame, you really enjoy a freedom to say and do what you want without fear of reprisal, rebuttal, blame, judgement or condemnation.

It’s why men typically enjoy using profanities like bitch, cunt, pussy, whereas, women typically feel guilty or wrong for expressing themselves this way.

When is it right to shame someone?

When someone projects their own repressed versions of hatred and shame on to you for no apparent reason it is right, good and proper to shame this person.

The God of the Bible and of the Quran only ever shames people when they first have behaved disrespectfully.

How can I heal my shame?

This question is rather like asking a five year old, how do you colour-in. If you ask a 5 year old how to colour in the lines they will go and pick up a crayon and show you.

I cannot tell you how to heal your shame – I have to show you. So i recommend you watch the video above and follow my work via Instagram or YouTube.

Cheers. Cheerio. Good Night. God Bless.

Chaun forever Conscious.


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how to earn respect

How to Earn Respect

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How to earn respect?

Interesting question.

Perhaps you’ve been a match to a lot of disrespect in your life. See I think about respect a lot. As a trans person who is also black I think of the postulation that my respect quota might be capped.

How dare I expect to ever be respected. Why would I expect that? What in my right mind would make me think that I would ever be able to reach a certain level of respect? What in hell would make me think that I have a right to be respected?

Obama. Oprah.

See, these people let me know it’s possible. What is it about them? Why are they so widely respected? Why is Obama the first person of color to lead a country which 60 years prior denied people of colour even the right to vote?

Something is clearly going on here, don’t you think?

Otherwise it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The thing that is going on is this: Law of attraction.

Like it or not but it’s real and I am blessed and fortunate enough to be able to understand it in minute and precise detail.

It is only because of my astute awareness of the law of attraction why I live. I would have literally given up on life already.

I would have killed myself.

So I respect it. I respect the law of attraction. Do you?

So what has the law of attraction got to do with respect. Well. You are what you eat, you are what you attract.

So if i’m getting a whole bunch of crap thrown at me everyday i’m sorry but I have to look in the mirror. I have to ask the question: in what way do I not respect myself?

See I believe whenever we ask ourselves a question we always always answer ourselves.

We may not answer it in the way we expected, but we always find an answer.

We have until now called the answerer of our questions God. It’s kinda true – but really it’s just us. We are God didn’t ya know? 😉

So the voice in our head is actually us. The more we realise our own divinity the more we recognise this as gospel – see what I did there 😉

So yes. If you find that you are a match to a lot of disrespect I challenge you now to ask the question…

In what way do I not respect myself?

Peace and Love.

Chaun de Paul, No Conscious


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how to deal with envy

How To Deal With Envy

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Hey guys.

So as you may have noticed on the homepage I am now a self-proclaimed “hatred expert”. Lol. Sounds fun huh. Hell no. But boy oh boy I feel like I know everything there is to know about hatred.

I am now at a point where I can convert hatred into sexual energy. It’s kind of fun. What that means is that if any person sends me hatred, I can literally convert that energy back from it’s repressed sexual state, into a normalised sexual state. To the person – it will feel suddenly like they are obsessed with my energy – and they won’t know why!


So. Why do I mention hatred? Well envy and hatred are basically the same thing. It is my belief that envy is the root of all evil. I repeat:

Envy is the root of all evil.

So what can this article do for you? Well, I think you may get more from the video I attach above if you want to learn how you might escape the vicious and nasty web of envy, take a watch. After you watch it – leme know what you think!

Lotsa love, Chaun De Paul No Conscious


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Chaun Conscious

Chaun Conscious Back In Action

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Nothing really significant to add here other than i’m back in action!

I really should think of some Google friendly article to write – but honestly this part of me has been disconnected for so long that’s it’s nice to have it back!

I am fully integrated now. What that means is that all major fractures and disconnected aspects are now fully integrated into one being: hence, I am connected to myself as a singer and performer, just as much as I am connected as a writer, blogger and web designer, businessman etc. It kinda feels really good.

I’m back dating and talking to women again – I haven’t been engaging with women for a while – it just hasn’t been the appropriate time with everything that’s been going on. I’m now active on both Instagram and Facebook so see you there!

Instagram more for singing and rapping, facebook more for talks and photos!

Peace and Love,
Chaun Conscious

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why does god leave us

Why Does God Leave Us

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There is nothing you can do to help a person who does not believe that they deserve to be loved.

This is Universal Law and without it there would be no Freewill.

For God to make someone accept His love He must override the principle of Freewill which is based upon the Law of attraction. The Law of attraction – or Law of magnetism as we call it – is Freewill in action.

A soul in a dense state of Victimisation will not be energetically attracted towards God’s love.

For the individual, the only way out of this state is by going through it. For the individual, the condition itself has to be reason enough to illicit different choices.

I have witnessed this over and over again and as a loving and kind person it can be quite a difficult Principle to accept – however as a person of love, to continually offer love to a soul who is energetically not ready for it, is to not only disrespect yourself, but it is to disrespect the Majestic Governing Principle of Freewill.

God absolutely never forsakes those who come towards Him – even if they have past transgressions.

‘Whoever goes let them go’ might be one of the hardest spiritual concepts to understand.

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Christianity Lie Chaun COnscious

The Christianity Lie

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One of The Devil’s most powerful and effective tools on Earth has for a long time been Christianity and the Bible.

The religion of Christianity was born from a vibration of self-hatred. Self-hatred is the vibration which instigates a belief that there is something inherently wrong with the individual (and therefore with the world).

The religion of Christianity is a mixture of Hellenism, Paganism and Satantism – hence the similar appearance of well known hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the Lodge, and the stately appearance of say the Pope and other established Christian Authorities.

The religion of Christianity has been a vibrational match to hatred on a global and systemic level for centuries for the reason described above.

The religion of Christianity is a magnet for any persons sufferring with deeply repressed feelings of self-hatred and self-disgust most likely to have occured during primal stages of infancy.

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Chaun poverty
neediness chaun conscious


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Neediness might be one of the most difficult vibrations to see within yourself yet the easiest vibration to feel within yourself.

The way we free ourselves from neediness is first through honesty and secondly by learning to fall in love with the present. Learn to fall in love with This. Love “This”.

The only reason we feel that we can’t love This is because we are in an illusion which says: That is better than This. This illusion is called fear. When we are heavily in the illusion of fear we may spend much of our mental time in the “future”.

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