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Freedom from Hatred | The Nu Vibe Holy Book

In the beginning God created everything by love. In the beginning God rejected Himself to experience that love. When God rejected Himself a new emotion was born. This emotion is called hatred. For God so loved the world that He allowed Himself to experience hatred.

The New Holy Book to Awaken the Christian Peoples

The Nu Vibe Holy Book of Divine Truth & Universal Wisdom was sent via the Holy Angel Jibreel to Chaun Conscious during the summer of 2017. The Nu Vibe is the ‘Book of Light’ foretold to us by every civilisation previously known. The Nu Vibe Book of Divine Truth has been sent to elevate the modern day Christian from old, suppressed and stubborn vibrations of hatred. Undoubtedly The Nu Vibe has the Transformational Power and Authority to execute such elevation, so it has been written.

Holy Angel

Why are We Talking About Hatred?

If we are not loving ourselves, we are hating ourselves. One of the reasons why hatred is so destructive is because it is silent. I call hatred the Silent Devil. Why silent? Because the more strongly we vibrate as hatred the less likely we are to be aware of it. A quick test is to feel how offended we are by the suggestion that we may hold a vibration of hatred. The stronger the feeling of anger or offence the more likely it is that we vibrate strongly in this vibration. It is the shame of this vibration which keeps it suppressed. It is energetically impossible to feel something that is not already within us. We cannot be offended by someone unless we already are the feeling when we feel offended (anger, shame, rejection, disdain etc).

The Nu Vibe Definition of Hatred

Even though the mention or suggestion of hatred has almost become offensive, in reality, most people suffering with feelings of hatred are completely unaware of it. Put simply, hatred is the degree to which we do not accept our ourselves as we are now – including our feelings, our likes, our desires, our nuisances, our personality, our life style and our life choices both ‘past’ and present. Hatred is both the extent to which we disapprove of ourselves and the extent to which we disagree and criticise the way we think, the way we behave, the choices we make and the feelings we hold. When we vibrate strongly in the vibration of hatred we care deeply about what other people think about us – this anxiety plays out constantly both consciously and subconsciously.

If you are aware that you strongly disapprove of parts of yourself then energetically you are already moving to a place of freedom from it – for we move energetically where our intention goes. At a certain level of spiritual advancement we learn that God has created everything through energy and energy cannot and is never separate, so for example, it is energetically impossible to project feelings of hatred towards an ‘other’ without also holding that exact frequency. This is the Law of Energy and it is the founding principle behind God’s creation of the Universe.

To talk about hatred is to include all facets of feelings of hatred, including disdain, despair and disapproval. Typically the feeling of hatred is deeply suppressed and unconscious and therefore we must direct the feeling instead towards other social groups. All of our emotions must be expressed, either consciously or unconsciously, so if we are not aware of how we exhibit hatred towards ourselves, we will necessarily direct this hatred elsewhere. It’s just the law of energy. Energetically there is no such thing as ‘other’ – and therefore we are a vibrational match to every individual and every social group that we find ourselves surrounded by or focused on.

The Nu Vibe Holy Book has Transformational Power. The Book’s Transformational Power is it’s Divine ability to lift the vibration of hatred towards the vibration of self-acceptance. Namaste and God’s Love 🙏🏿

The Vibration of Hatred

The vibration of hatred is the vibration which says that there is something wrong with the individual. When an individual believes that there is something wrong with them then they necessarily also believe that there is something wrong with the world. If there is something wrong with the world then there is something wrong with the way God designed it, however it has been designed to perfection.

The vibration of hatred is also the vibration which instigates a subliminal assumption that you are hated by other people for no apparent reason. When we feel that we are hated by other people for no apparent reason then we see the world and its inhabitants as not only threatening but also as hugely unsafe. In effect, we feel as though we hate the world. We cannot hate the world without also hating ourselves. It’s just not the way energy works.

When we operate out of a vibration of hatred it is usually completely unknown to us. We may find ourseles hating or disapproving of certain sections of society and not really understanding why. For example a Christian individual may really believe that they are a person of love and at the same time preach that gay people are wrong and damned for hell.

We cannot believe that someone else is wrong without also holding an unconscious belief that we are in some way wrong. To believe that there are some people who deserve to go to hell depends on a firm belief that some individuals are unworthy of God’s love. When we believe that some people are unworthy of God’s love then we operate from a vibration of hatred without our conscious awareness but we can recognise this vibration when it gets expressed as hating other people who we regard as ‘separate’ or ‘wrong’. The more separate we see ourselves from other people the more we vibrate as hatred. Separation is an illusion, oneness, which is love, is the only Truth.

To believe that we are born into sin and that we necessarily require salvation is a manifestation of hatred. Christianity has been an energetic match to acts of violence and hatred since its invention for this precise energetic reason. A doctrine cannot be a chronic match to historical hatred unless it’s participants also vibrate from a position of hatred as well. This concept has been known as the law of attraction but we here call it the law of magnetism. Consequently, persons who operate from hatred which is deeply suppressed will be drawn to the religion of Christianity.

From an energetic point of view there is no such thing as separation between anything and therefore the assumption that some people are separate, wrong or unworthy of God’s love is an illusion generated by hatred, likely to have been embedded within the individual when they were in infancy, usually by way of their primary caregiver(s).

The Vibration of Acceptance

Acceptance on planet Earth is at an all time low. Consequently loneliness on planet Earth is at an all time high. A life without acceptance is a lonely life. A species without acceptance is a lonely species.

The deeper we are in hatred the stronger our need for acceptance. If we don’t get acceptance when we are hatred we demand approval either from others or by others – people must give us permission to be or get our permission to be.

In order to experience the value of others we must first experience our own value. That’s what the Nu Vibe Holy Book is here to do – align us into a vibration of self acceptance. When we vibrate as self acceptance we are able to experience ourselves truly. When we experience ourselves in truth for the first time it is often painful but from this painful state we are able to learn self acceptance.

Once we embody self acceptance it becomes easier for us to learn how to accept “the other”. Learning self acceptance occurs at the level of energetic feeling state whereas learning how to accept others occurs at the level of a brain-memory habit. It takes at least 2 weeks to break any brain-memory habit. If you’d like to be more accepting of others first read the Nu Vibe Book of Divine Truth which is below.

Once you have read The Nu Vibe Book of Divine Truth whenever you feel resistance towards someone or something said, say to yourself in your own head, “I accept you”. Do this for two weeks and you will begin to experience the world through a more accepting vibration.

Never ever accept behaviour or speech when you feel anything other than calm. If you feel any kind of hurt it is important that you acknowledge this hurt to yourself and do whatever you feel is best for you in that moment. Do not ignore your own hurt for this is a form of self rejection and self abandonment. This is why we have suggested that you read the Nu Vibe first because it will help you to clear up all emotional bondage if you let it. That feeling of ‘being hurt’ is none other than emotional bondage reactivating itself so that it might get seen (by you).

Holy Angel Jibreel

Quick note on the Holy Angel Jibreel. I have deliberately called the Holy Angel by His Islamic name Jibreel, rather than Gabriel just because the name Angel Gabriel is now strongly associated with Jesus Christ, a Jesus Christ who in my opinion largely represents a falsehood.

There was no Jesus Christ and the man whom we call Jesus was in actual fact called Yeshua. Yeshua was a devout Prophet who dedicated his life to the service of truth and the practice of Love. It is said that during Yeshua’s life he had no more than 100 or so followers. About a century after the death of Yeshua, his life was hijacked by the powerful Roman State and Christianity was born out of a mixture of Paganism, Hellenism and Satanism, for example drinking blood, eating eggs and blood sacrifices were ideas all birthed out of Pagan and Satanic practices.

The Prophet Yeshua did not invent Christianity and neither did he ever preach or advocate the advent of a new religion. That Christianity was born over a century after his death and used for widespread bloodshed and acts of mass and systemic violence, slavery and invasion, has nothing to do with the life of Yeshua – a humble man born out of wedlock who fell in love with and married a former prostitute – such was his unconditional nature.

I’ll also mention here that the Holy Angel Jibreel is available for us all, not just the Holy Prophets. The Holy Angel reveals Himself to whomever He chooses, usually those people involved in the service of delivering Truth to humankind. I later learned that the Holy Angel appeared as small to me as a sign of respect. Thank you Holy Angel for your service to humankind.

A Message from Chaun

It is a great honour and pleasure to be chosen as the person to carry this monumental pool of wisdom and knowledge. I can testify that the information in this Book has extraordinary Transformational value and is Majestic in quality. I trust that you will be both Touched and Transformed by its Divine Power. Greetings and Blessings. Chaun Conscious x

The Nu Vibe

The Divine Truth of Who I Am

The 7 Guides

7 Free Freedom Guides

Chaun has written 7 free freedom guides which further assist us in our road from hatred to happiness, success, wealth and abundance.

May peace, blessings and God’s unbounding Love be with you, now and forever.