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Locally known as a convention breaker, Chaun’s unique sound – Tribal Electro Hip Hop – combines Hip Hop, Electro-Funk and North African tribal percussion. As a rapper, singer and producer, Chaun’s songs contain a message of freedom and equality for all people. Chaun has been using his instagram account to develop musically – a process which he anticipated would take approximately 2 years. For two years Chaun prepared artistically and personally for a history making record deal – details of such inevitability were revealed to him 2 years ago.

Chaun raps, sings and writes all of his own material. Below are Chaun’s demo tracks and a description of the albums that he has written. Chaun’s albums are intended for studio release for a global-mass audience.

Chaun anticipates that his development as Lord Tutan takes approximately 2 years and is complete by the year 2021. At this time, Chaun anticipates that his message, the Nu Vibe, will start to manifest as true.

ALBUMS 1 – 3

Studio Albums 1 – 3 are to be co-produced by Chaun Conscious and written by Chaun Conscious – based on already discovered instrumental beats of typically a trap / pop nature. Studio Albums 1 – 3 have a clear and distinct Chaun Conscious sound. The conceptual themes of Studio Albums 1 – 3 range from: acceptance, equality, fairness, anti-religion, being yourself, gender / sexual identity and controversy.

Below are 4 demo tracks with a clear example of the unique Chaun Conscious vibe and the aforementioned themes.

ALBUMS 4 – 7

Studio Albums 4 – 7 are to be produced by Chaun Conscious and written by Chaun Conscious – based on original beats made by Chaun Conscious (producer name – Conscious The Genius) written by Chaun Conscious. This music is a development of the ‘Tribal Electro Hip Hop’ sound which is being developed by Chaun Conscious. Below are 4 demo tracks with examples of the unique Tribal Electro Hip Hop marketable and commercial sound.

The conceptual themes of Studio Albums 4 – 7 range from: shame, love, inspirational balads, sexuality, shame, anti-religion, his messianic life story, feminism, genitalia, transgenderism and increased controversy.

It is worth noting that all songs come with visual concepts for music videos which Chaun intends to creatively direct.

Examples of Chaun’s Creative Video Direction

Chaun discovered his hidden talent in music production, rapping and singing almost two years ago – just 1 year after his physical transition to male. Before his physical transition Chaun did not sing at all. Chaun’s singing voice developed as a consequence of a miracle whilst he was on his way to the market. Over a 2 year period Chaun’s voice expanded and developed miraculously to what it is today.

Chaun intends to use music as a way to reveal his messianic identity.

Before developing his unique electro hip hop sound, Chaun qualified as a maths teacher and worked in various schools across London. Chaun is passionate about social issues and is interested in bridging the gap between society and spirituality. As a keen writer, Chaun is passionate about equal rights for all people, including gay people and transgender people.

Chaun is fascinated by fear and “evil”. Chaun often uses fear and the concept of “evil” in his artistic work for the purpose of provocation. Chaun typically wears make-up on his face, including; tears representing (her) pain, a cross and a trident representing happiness.

Chaun has a black belt in karate and a thing for dangerous weapons. Chaun considers anyone who goes against all odds as a fellow ninja warrior.

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