divine feminine

Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

What’s the worst insult you can levy at a transgendered or intersexed man?

You fuckin cunt? No.

You complete arse wipe? Nope.

You fish smelling cheesecake? Nah.

It goes something like this, “you’ll always be female to me”, “you’re a woman no matter what you think”, “you’ll always be female”. And you get the point.

When an individual, often cis gendered, wants to hurt a transman they will “remind” them that they are, in their view, “female”, “a woman”, or even “a bitch”.

So why is this an insult? Why is it an insult to be called a woman?

It can only be an insult to be called a woman if in that moment woman, or female, means less than.

See the attacker and the attacked here are exactly matched. If the one who is attacked is offended (the transman), then vibrationally he is completely matched with the attackers subliminal assumption that female means less than.

For why else would female be an insult?

We have for centuries lived in an energetic climate where masculine energy has not only been overly prevalent, but also grossly unbalanced.

The over prevalence of masculine energy creates an imbalance within both ‘male’ and ‘female’ subjects. It also creates an imbalance in the energetic climate within the totality of planet earth and its presiding civilisations.

An overly prevalent masculine energy looks like dominance, control, subordination. An under prevalent feminine energy looks like victimisation, uncertainty and powerlessness.

Any man that has an overly prevalent masculine energy will necessarily be matched to a female with an under prevalent feminine energy, and vice versa. Any woman with an overly prevalent masculine energy will be matched to a man with under prevalent feminine energy.

(Please make this relevant to all sexual/gender romantic combinations because I can’t be bothered to type out all the permutations! :P)

The unification of the divine masculine and divine feminine occurs at a vibrationally higher level than its absolute separation does. Hence, that men and women seem to be becoming more similar, is in fact a positive sign of our evolution as a species.

Due to the fact that masculinity and femininity has for a long time been out of whack, femininty in our civilisation has come to mean weakness, powerlessness and indeed less than.

Within the essence of every individual who is subject to socialisation (that’s all of us :P), we all have an unacceptable female aspect of ourselves to lesser or greater degrees, until we become conscious of it and make it acceptable.

When we not only accept, but embrace our internal divine feminine, as men and as women, we no longer hold on to the notion that femaleness means unacceptably less than.

In other words, when we embrace our internal divine feminine we let go of the vibration that says that being female necessarily means being less than.

Part of the reason why many souls are now incarnating as transgender is to teach humanity that femininity has nothing to do with body, sexual organs or chromosomes. Indeed the divine feminine is the god polarity of the divine masculine. It, as god, resides within all of us.

We are approaching an age where the divine feminine is being allowed to rise up within us men as well as within us women, and therefore within the totality of society too.

Just like we project unacceptable parts of ourselves on to others, our collective existence does this too in the form of social groups. Collectively we decide that certain social groups are unacceptable. As soon as that social group becomes accepted we find another social group to project our collective disapproval on to.

This process of projection and acceptance is in fact healing. Each time we do it we heal collectively and become more and more whole.

In order to facilitate the evolution of collective consciousness we are called to discover the parts of us that have become suppressed, deemed as unacceptable and banished as unworthy of love. We are called to love those unacceptable parts of ourselves as if our lives depended on it.

Let’s continue to love and accept femaleness, the femaleness that exists without and the femaleness that exists within.

When we, both men and women, love the divine feminine within, we love more of ourselves. Thus we become even more whole.

Peace. Love. Dopeness


Conscious Thinking
Conscious thought
Positive Affirmations

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Paul Pogba racism

Paul Pogba Racism?… Get Off It!

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Paul Pogba Racism

I don’t like the term black.

I find it hugely problematic on many levels.

But the fact that I don’t like it doesn’t change the fact that we still use the terms black and white to divide humankind into categories.

These categories are hardly equal.

Despite our best efforts to make it so, black is not the same as white. Black means less than white.

In last seasons’ transfer market Paul Pogba was hot property and hot debate.

At the time, the purchase of a footballer for £90 million was record breaking.

Would he be worth it? How good was Paul Pogba? Was he worth the £90 million fee?

Because black means less than white, people we call black have to be more than people we call white in order to be regarded as equivalent.

Paul Pogba was going to have to be better than good to be good enough for the £90 million he cost.

Low and behold, by the end of the first half of last season, football media had already began to write off Paul Pogba.

One news article heralded him as the “£90 million mistake”.

Many Manchester United fans had already decided that he was a mistake. He simply was not better than good and certainly not worth £90 million.

Paul Pogba had no pre season warm up and he hadn’t played in the premier league for four years. He still was just 23 years old.

The expectation however was that he must be astronomically better immediately because of his astronomical fee.

We pretended that we expected Paul Pogba to be better than good just because of the fee.

We pretended that we didn’t expect Paul Pogba to better than good because he is a person we call black.

Paul Pogba repeatedly responded to criticism of his performance in press conferences and interviews.

Not only did we discuss amongst ourselves that we think he’s not better than good, we made sure that he knew about it too.

The pressure was on. He was under immense pressure to be better than good.

How did Pogba respond?
Paul Pogba Racism

Like a boss. He kept his head down and got on with it.

Paul Pogba did not see himself as victim. He focused on his work and simply got
on with it.

Paul Pogba’s positive attitude towards life is inspiring for everybody.

By the end of last season people were comparing him to the legendary
Paul Scoles. Now, during pre season, people are already questioning if he is at Barcelona level. He is still only 24.

I could have called this article the Floyd Mayweather effect. Or the Serena Williams effect.

From the moment Floyd Mayweather began dominating world boxing he became hated.

If you watch the rise of Floyd Mayweather you see that there was quite a buzz around him during his come up.

As soon as Floyd Mayweather started to dominate, and let us know about his domination too, we started to hate him.

How did Floyd respond?

Like a boss. He put his head down and he didn’t make himself a victim.

He stuck to his game plan and built his own supportive network.

He is now the richest athlete in history, and he is inspiring many other people we call black to aim higher and do it big.

I’ll never forget watching Serena Williams at the French Open probably about 15 years ago now.

As a kid I single handedly witnessed in absolute disarray her vehemently get booed or sarcastically applauded by a ferocious crowd after every single rally.

When she missed her first serve the crowd applauded. Loud.

I could not believe my eyes.

One of the commentators dismissed it as anti-Americanism. It was around the time George Bush was in power.

The other commentator however found it so appalling that he called it racism, slammed his mic down and left the commentary box.

That same day I watched the News. To my absolute horror I listened to the News report headline on Serena’s match.

I kid you not, the headline said, “Serena Williams gets booed at the French Open today as she barely managed to shake her opponents hand”. They then showed her briskly shaking her opponents hand. She had just been booed for an hour and lost the match, of course she wanted to get off the court. Asap!
Paul Pogba Racism
Tears came into my eyes.

I had never witnessed such a blatant, systematic and institutional level of racism in my young life ever before.

From that day forward my trust in the News died.

“If they could lie about something as benign as sport what else could they lie about?” I remember asking myself.

I must admit I still haven’t fully recovered and I’m incredibly suspicious of News reporting. In fact I do not even watch the News these days.

Regardless of the fact that I was victimising Serena Williams, she herself did not.

In my eyes this is why she is a champ. This is why she remains on top.

She put her head down like a boss and focused on her shit.

We can learn a lot from these athletes we call black.

We can learn a lot about the power of keeping a positive mental attitude, despite all odds.
Paul Pogba Racism
Peace. Dopeness. Love. Light

Paul Pogba Racism

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Racism How to Free Yourself from It Completely

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We are creators.

We use words to create certain feeling states.

When a word, phrase or term is strongly able to trigger certain feeling states then that word has power.

The word nigger makes you feel something. The word apple does not make you feel something in the same way that nigger does.

The word nigger has more power than the word apple.

Why does the word nigger make you feel something?

When you hear the word nigger it triggers a set of experiences, belief systems, and thought processes that all pertain to a vibrational feeling state.

I type the word again, nigger.

You might respond to the word nigger with feelings of inferiority such as shame (displeasure), fear or anger, or you might respond to it with feelings of superiority such as desire (pleasure), disdain, scorn, pride or hatred.

The emotional responses are only inferior or superior because it either makes you feel better or worse about yourself.

Perhaps you are neutral and you feel composed. The word makes you feel neither better nor worse about yourself. (Great!)

Let’s call the person using the word nigger the attacker. The attacker uses the word nigger to express disgust at “another”.

Let’s call “another” the attacked.

Let’s say that the person attacked responds to the attacker with feelings of shame or humiliation.

The attacker has projected his disgust on to the attacked who is supposed to feel ashamed or humiliated.

The feeling state of disgust, shame and humiliation are vibrationally the same.

In this moment, the attacker and the attacked vibrate exactly the same unless the one who is attacked exists in a state that is elevated above the feeling state of shame (aka disgust).

If upon hearing the word nigger you feel neutral then the attackers’ vibration will also raise and it will be energetically impossible for the attacker to project their feeling state of disgust on to you.

Disgust, shame and humiliation all vibrate exactly the same – low!

In order for the attacker to project his feeling of disgust on to the person who is attacked, the feeling of disgust must already be held by the attacker. The feeling of disgust within the attacker represents an aspect of himself that he has repressed.

In other words, you as the attacker are no longer consciously aware of this feeling of shame. It is now subconscious.

On earth currently it is impossible to have a human being who exists in an absolute state of shame. This place is called hell. We only have aspects of ourselves that feel ashamed.

As an attacker your choice to use the word nigger to shame another can only occur because you feel a deep sense of repressed shame or disgust.

This skill is called projection. We don’t have to learn how to project our feeling states on to another, we come to earth already knowing how to do it.

A baby projects its feeling of discomfort on to his mother by crying. The mother becomes discomfort and responds by giving him her breast.

As adults we only project emotions on to another for feelings that are supressed. We only suppress feelings that we deem unacceptable. Shame is usually a suppressed emotion.

Nobody wants to feel that an aspect of themselves is in shame. We avoid feeling states that we don’t like by suppressing them.

The attacker who feels disgusted by some aspect of himself projects his disgust on to “another”. The intention of the attacker is for the “another” to share with him his feelings of shame.

Energetically there is no such thing as “another”. When the attacker uses nigger to humiliate “another”, an aspect of the attacker must already be in a vibrational state of disgust. If the “another” feels humiliated then the “another” was already in a vibrational state of disgust (shame) too.

The attacker has become disgust. The attacked has become shame. They have both become the same thing.

Humiliation, disgust and shame vibrate exactly the same – very low!

Because the attacker and the attacked are vibrationally the same they are able to share this moment where the attacker is using the word nigger to shame the attacked.

The attacker and the attacked who feels ashamed help each other to know who they are in this moment.

We have an ability to access higher vibrational states to make us feel better.

This is a skill we come to earth with and we don’t have to learn how to do it.

A baby who is hungry feels craving, the baby responds with the emotion of anger in the form of crying because anger feels better than craving.

Because shame is the lowest vibrational state that a human can exist as, any feeling state above shame might feel better, even though it still does not feel good.

Grief and anxiety are vibrationally higher states than shame and guilt. Hatred is also higher vibrationally than shame or guilt. Grief sucks and so too does anxiety. But shame feels heavier than both grief and anxiety.

Words such as nigger trigger (lol) the emotional state of hatred. (call me jigga :P)

Hatred is a much higher vibration than humiliation. When you become hatred you energetically feel better than when you become humiliated.

In order to become hatred, you must first become anger.

In order to project the feeling of humiliation on to another you must already exist as disgust. When you use the word nigger you move into a vibration of anger and you become hatred.

In this moment it feels good.

The movement from disgust to hatred feels like ecstasy. It is addictive.

How to Free Yourself from Racism

Free yourself from racism
Hating people in order feel better about yourself is addictive, but if you are in this state know that an aspect of yourself is heavily weighed down by deeply repressed feelings of personal shame and disgust.

What makes you feel disgusted about yourself?

As the attacker you have projected your sense of disgust on to a social group of your subconscious choosing. You probably chose this social group subconsciously based on the cultural environment you were raised in.

Common social groups deemed as acceptable to project shame on to include black people (racism), gay people (homophobia), trans people (transphobia).

If the one who is attacked does not already exist in the vibration of shame then he will not feel ashamed or humiliated.

The highest vibrational response to humiliation is peace and then love and then forgiveness and then neutrality and then pride and then anger.

In the moment that the attacker uses the word nigger to project his disgust on to you, you are able to transmute the energy into a higher vibrational state according to how you feel in that moment.

We all have the ability to transmute energy. It is a skill that we do not have to learn.

A baby transmutes his mother’s feelings of anxiety into a feeling of love when she looks into his eyes.

When we feel angry it is a higher feeling than feeling ashamed but obviously anger is a much lower feeling state than feeling forgiveness or compassion.

When Jesus Christ was humiliated on the cross he transmuted the feeling state of humiliation into the feeling state of forgiveness. It is a very advanced skill to have.

Transmutation at this level is healing for both the subject and object. Jesus and other Masters have a healing abillity which can elevate people from aspects of shame (darkness) into aspects of forgiveness and love (light).

People who appear to remain quiet in the face of humiliation have not become acceptance. They have become ashamed.

The most common response to someone else projecting their shame on to you is to become angry. Becoming anger, vibrationally, feels better than feeling ashamed.

The black power movement is an example of transmuting collective shame into a feeling state of collective anger and (even higher) pride.

To feel absolute peace in the face of projected shame is the highest version of love. It is also very difficult to do.

At the moment, I am personally in a place of being able to transmute projected shame in the form of racism into a feeling state of neutrality and sometimes compassion.

I am currently in a place where I tend to transmute projected shame in the form of transphobia into a feeling state of pride and on the odd occasion compassion.

This has not always been the case. I used to be a match to projected shame by feeling an equivalent state of shame for both racism and transphobia.

Perhaps in another article I’ll explain how I got here 😉

…To be continued.

Peace. Dopeness. Love. Light

Free yourself from racism

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approval seeking and anxiety

Approval Seeking and Anxiety Set Yourself Free

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Approval seeking consciousness is a state of existence driven chronically by the need for approval.

Approval seeking consciousness is very difficult to identify within yourself. We may believe that we are being driven by love, happiness, virtue, when in fact the underlying motive driving most of our decisions is in actual fact the need for approval.

How does approval seeking consciousness develop?

Approval seeking consciousness develops as a consequence of learned behaviour. We slip into approval seeking consciousness when we learn that we are only loved when others are pleased with what we do.

Conversely, when we do not do things that (and to) please others (probably our primary caregivers in the first instance), then we lose love.

A child’s main prerogative is to be loved. If approval is what it takes to receive love then approval is what he will seek.

We all, in this current vibrational environment of planet earth, are subject to some degree of approval seeking consciousness. Some of us are subject to it quite severely.

When we are subject to approval consciousness quite severely then it is highly likely that we will also be vulnerable to anxiety attacks.

The seed of anxiety is the chronic need to seek approval.

In order to overcome approval seeking consciousness, it first starts with recognising the tendency to seek approval from others within yourself.

Once you recognise it within yourself, it’s pretty much job done in terms of overcoming it.

Once you become aware of the specific way in which approval seeking consciousness manifests for you, you are able to set an intention to no longer seek approval as you have done.

Approval seeking consciousness will manifest differently for different people. You may constantly ask others for their opinion or advice, or you may constantly inform people of your decisions before actually making them.

Upon recognising approval seeking consciousness within yourself, you may experience emotions such as anger and frustration, perhaps at your primary caregivers for teaching this to you or perhaps at yourself for allowing it to control your life thus far.

Do know that it was not your primary caregivers who taught this to you, it was the cultural and energetic environment in which you entered earth for this particular lifetime (that you chose).

Once you set the intention to free yourself of approval seeking consciousness, sit back and watch the angels do the magic baby! Your anger will soon surpass, let it come, do not condemn it. It will pass. Your authentic, beautiful self will be waiting for you.

From now on you will seek approval only from yourself 🙂

Peace. Dopeness. Love.


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gender revolution

The Gender Revolution Has Begun…Apparently!

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The Gender Revolution

What is gender? What is the gender revolution?

It’s hardly an age old debate. In fact it’s a rather post-modern debate.

Is gender determined by your genitalia? Well traditionally of course, yes, what else? “And what about the intersexed?” one may ask in response, “I guess they are just something else”, might be the response.

So here we see that the traditional way of thinking ultimately reduces gender to three separate categories, men, women and inbetweeners.

In this modern, fast-paced and rapidly evolving world these traditional and conservative notions of gender are just not sitting well with young folk.

Younger people are increasingly feeling suffocated by the gender expectations levied upon them as determined by their biological sex at birth.

What do they call this? Apparently it’s the gender revolution. What does the gender revolution say?

Put simply, the gender revolution says 1. There are more than three genders, and 2. Gender is not determined by one’s sex at birth.

The gender revolution recognises biological sex as a human fact. It states however that biological sex does not determine one’s preferred gender.

Gender revolutionaries argue that any individual person for example could identify themselves as either a cis man, a cis woman, a trans man, a trans woman or non-binary. You see, in this context genitals don’t jingle. They don’t matter.

So essentially the gender revolution sees it that there are in effect five genders. Yes, five genders: cis man, cis woman, trans man, trans woman and non-binary.

Cis gendered men tend to have bollocks and willies, but again this is not necessarily so. A cis gendered man could get his dick cut off for example, he is still cis gendered.

A trans woman might have biologically male genitals or surgically constructed female genitals for example. Regardless, the gender revolution says that she is still a trans woman regardless of her genitalia.

The gender revolution ultimately recognises gender as not only a social construct, but also as a CHOICE. In this way the gender revolution makes it possible for an individual to have a gender preference, rather like we have a sexual preference.

Gender fluidity says that any individual has a right to change his or her gender preference whenever the frik they want.

It’s not to say that an individual chooses his or her gender deliberately or even consciously. Gender preference says that any individual can choose to express their own gender in terms that suit them, however and whenever they want. A trans man may, for example, choose after some time to adopt a cis gendered female identity if they discover that a cis gendered female identity is actually more reflective of their true and authentic self.

A cis gendered identity states that the gender that you identify with is congruent to the biological sex you were assigned with at birth. As a transgender person the gender revolution says that the gender you identify with is incongruent to the biological sex assigned to you at birth.

Gender preference also says that any individual can adopt the use of male, female or neutral pronouns in accordance with their gender preference. Typically cis and trans men will prefer he and his, cis and trans women might typically prefer she and her, and non-binaries may typically prefer to use theirs or them.

Any intersex person would have the privilege of choosing their own gender as either cis or trans, man or woman, depending on their own uniquely beautiful configuration.

Modern society makes it possible for any individual to take advantage of modern science such that an individual may undergo a medical transition so that they feel more comfortable with their bodies in their preferred gender. Then again, they may not undergo a medical transition if they do not wish to do so.

Let’s also add here that gender has nothing necessarily to do with masculine or feminine energy. Any person in any gender can encompass any range or varying degrees of either masculine or feminine energy.

Will you be joining the gender revolution?

Please note that I now have a much much more advanced understanding of human sexuality. You can find out more on the advanced human sexual evolution page. I’m adding this note on 25th Feb 2018.

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