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    The Love Revolution Blog

  • Chaun Conscious: Welcomes you :)

    Chaun Conscious: Welcomes you :)

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Love Revolution Blog

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Welcome to the love revolution blog. The thoughts and ideas of Chaun Conscious. I hope you enjoy this safe space to be your self. Lotsa love and all that jazz 🙂 The love revolution is the blog of chaun conscious it is dedicated to love, hope, freedom and the Nu Vibe. The Nu Vibe is…

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Spiritual cleanse

Spiritual Cleanse or Depression? It’s Tricky

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What’s the difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse? The difference between depression and a spiritual cleanse, in my view, is power. When we go through a spiritual cleanse we insist on staying very close to the veracity of how we feel. With a spiritual cleanse, we constantly check-in with ourselves about how we are…

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divine feminine

Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine Divine Feminine What’s the worst insult you can levy at a transgendered or intersexed man? You fuckin cunt? No. You complete arse wipe? Nope. You fish smelling cheesecake? Nah. It goes something like this, “you’ll always be female to me”, “you’re a woman no matter what you think”, “you’ll always be female”. And…

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The Seven Eyes of God

The currency for feelings is emotion, the currency for magic is belief, the currency for attraction is focus. The currency for consciousness is awareness. Feelings are experienced through emotions (She). Magic is experienced through belief (He). Attraction is experienced through focus (They). Consciousness is experienced through awareness (We). The full spectrum of emotions resides in…