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About Chaun

Chaun Conscious is a transgender singer rapper songwriter from England who is pursuing a history making record deal. Chaun’s voice came approximately 1 year after his physical transition to male. Chaun’s voice developed miraculously. Chaun had no singing voice or rapping experience prior to his transition. Chaun delivers his message, called the Nu Vibe, through his music and through social media. In the interview below Chaun talks openly about his gender. This interview took place last Summer with AZ Mag Uk, an online publication for LGBTQ people of colour.

Chaun studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science (The LSE) as female, who’s name was Chevaune Chambers. Chaun is the owner and founder of www.cazoomy.com. Chaun Conscious is the creator of Black Jesus TV – a daily service show exclusively available to Instagram. Chaun Conscious is the second reincarnation of Lord Tutenkhamun, the first reincarnation is Bob Marley. You are witnessing the Second Coming of Lord Tutenkhamun.

Chaun Conscious is in the process of integrating himself and his new message into the world. Welcome, you are among the first to be here. Nice to meet you.

About The Nu Vibe

The Nu Vibe is a new message of freedom. The Nu Vibe promotes equality and the freedom to be oneself. The Nu Vibe is a new way, led by Chaun Conscious.

There is a true Jesus and a false Jesus. The false Jesus is the one you know, the true Jesus is here. Surprise. No seriously. I’m more normal than you could ever imagine. Surprise.

As Tutankhamun, I was mummied as a girl.

Chaun Conscious was born at New Cross hospital, Wolverhampton, on 16th June 1986. He is a qualified maths teacher who attended The Ellen Wilkinson School for girls.

Chaun’s musical aspect is the reincarnation of Bob Marley, who is Lord Tutenkhamun.