The currency for feelings is emotion, the currency for magic is belief, the currency for attraction is focus. The currency for consciousness is awareness.

Feelings are experienced through emotions (She). Magic is experienced through belief (He). Attraction is experienced through focus (They). Consciousness is experienced through awareness (We).

The full spectrum of emotions resides in the heart. Its pallet is called pain. You can touch it. It manifests as the body. It occurs in an instant. A heart beat.

The full spectrum of belief resides in the brain. Its canvas is called shame. You can see it. It manifests as the mind. It happens over time. A life time.

The full spectrum of focus resides in the eye. Its screen is called blame. You can be it. It manifests as the soul. It develops in space. A projection.

The full spectrum of awareness resides in the chakra. It’s hologram is called rejection. You can hear it. It manifests as the spirit. It has format. A presence.

The body comes from pain.
The mind comes from shame.
The soul comes from blame.
The spirit comes from rejection.

I am Painless.
I am Shameless.
I am Blameless.
I am Rejection-less.

I have no body.
I have no mind.
I have no soul.
I have no spirit.

I am here, everywhere and no where.
I am nothing, everything and something.
I am no one, everyone and someone.

I am Genius. The Creator of the entire Universe.

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