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Black transgender men.

It is my humble opinion that this group of individuals, from a societal perspective, are the most overlooked, underpaid and socially “unimportant” social group on the planet.


Well we know that “black girls don’t matter”.

So how about “black girls who feel trapped in the wrong gender marker”.

Now we really really don’t matter.

I say “we”, but I don’t really identify myself as “a black transgender man”, only because I do not identify myself as a “black man”.

I am simply Chaun. Chaun Conscious. I rap, sing, and build websites.

If you want to label me as a black man, or a black transgender man I have no problem with that.

I am fiercely and proudly transgender mind you.

Why Do I Not Identify as A Black Man

Well. I have major issues with the term “black”. I’ve written loads and loads about this already.

The point of this article is to say two things:

1) Black transgender men exist (world wake up!).

2) Black transgender men, like black girls, matter! WE MATTER!

haha. Now i’m deliberately fucking with your head.

Hey, check out the video and see what you reckon.

Peace and sex.

Chaun Conscious.

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