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Shame – it has power.

What is the power of shame?


Shame has the amazing ability to control. It’s the only way we control in fact.

The birth of shame starts with religion.

Namely the monotheistic religions – Christianity and Islam.

The monotheistic religions taught us how to feel shame. Especially if ‘us’ is a woman, non-Caucasian, or enjoy sexual pleasure through means other than penis enters vagina.

Oh and by the way if you enjoy stimulating your own body – otherwise known as masturbating, then religion taught us to shame that too.

What is Shame?

Put simply shame is feeling wrong.

The greater we are ‘in shame’ the more ‘wrong’ we feel.

There is not one shame. There are several, millions of different vibrations held on the body and the metaphysical structures contained within and throughout the human body.

I have held all vibrations of shame in a single lifetime and healed them – this is a process which continues – wipppeee, fun *wink wink*.

How do we Shame?

There are several ways we shame – but by far the most common is through name-calling and, more perniciously, through ignoring.

It is scientifically more damaging to ignore someone, say a child, than it is to tell them you hate them every day.

Ignoring is a great way to shame someone.

What does it mean to shame someone?

To shame someone is to project your own feelings of shame, which are usually repressed and latent, on to someone else – imagined or realised.

For example, we may have never met a ‘black’ person in our lifetime before, yet we project our shames pertaining to carrying large penises or the joy of sex, on to black people.

We shame black people for being ‘lazy’, or ‘stupid’, when really, all we really really want is for a large black penis to penetrate our arse.

I’m sorry to be so crude. But I’ve seen enough bull shit to know what the heck I’m talking about.

I also do not have a unconscious and exist without holding typical vibrations of shame (a process which continues).

Put short I say what the fuck I want – knowing that the motive is always love.

When you have no or very little shame, you really enjoy a freedom to say and do what you want without fear of reprisal, rebuttal, blame, judgement or condemnation.

It’s why men typically enjoy using profanities like bitch, cunt, pussy, whereas, women typically feel guilty or wrong for expressing themselves this way.

When is it right to shame someone?

When someone projects their own repressed versions of hatred and shame on to you for no apparent reason it is right, good and proper to shame this person.

The God of the Bible and of the Quran only ever shames people when they first have behaved disrespectfully.

How can I heal my shame?

This question is rather like asking a five year old, how do you colour-in. If you ask a 5 year old how to colour in the lines they will go and pick up a crayon and show you.

I cannot tell you how to heal your shame – I have to show you. So i recommend you watch the video above and follow my work via Instagram or YouTube.

Cheers. Cheerio. Good Night. God Bless.

Chaun forever Conscious.


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