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What is going on with me?

To be honest guys, I was MAJORLY holding down my emotions in these videos.

As soon as I finished I went for a walk. I was fighting hard to contain the tears!

Everything looked so beautiful!

I walked along the canal and I was fighting back tears.

The water looked so perfect!

If I do not feel this unbelievable feeling of in love then I feel this unimaginable peace.

I do not imagine that many people have experienced this. So sharing it is not so easy. My vibration actually goes down.

I mean this feeling is wonderful, amazing, but I want to do something with it!

I want to help.

I don’t just want to be abnormally peaceful and in love without being able to share this joy with others.

I have no idea how!

I suppose the universe will show me.

This experience is magical.

Maybe it’s enlightenment?

This is occurring 6 days after my spiritual death.

I never really thought about what enlightenment was before. I was never really that interested in it.

What else could this be?

Love. Peace. Dopeness


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