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I do not have to force positivity. When I force positivity I am trying to disguise my unresolved pain. When my pain is resolved then positivity is something I relish in.

When I am negatively charged and I wish to become positively charged again I must first become aware. Once I become aware I must pay close attention to how I feel.

When I know how I feel I know who I am. When I know who I am I honour that which I feel to do most.

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Everything I've been through in my life has brought me to this single realisation: I live for love. I'm a passionate Manchester United fan, keen music producer, songwriter and artistic performer. I have developed my own style which I like to call 'Tribal Electro Hip Hop'. I am also the Author of The Nu Vibe Book of Divine Truth. I am also the author and founder of Cazoom Education, and a series of popular 9-1 GCSE Maths Worksheets. Whether I'm singing, rapping or writing, everything I do always has a healing intention. I'm passionate about all humans, freedom and happiness for all people.

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