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The Trans Jesus

Chaun Conscious

The great thing about fire is it can be shared…


What the fuck is up.

I’m Chaun, I sing, rap, build websites and grieve.

If you’ve seen the darkness then maybe you would recognise yourself from it.

Darkness is hell.

My experience tells me this is not a beautiful world.

Maybe your experience suggests something else.

Whatever man has faced, god has faced it a thousand times over.

The human is obsessed with sexual gratification.

Too often the most basic needs of man are unfulfilling and unfulfilled.

He is unfullfilled. She is unfulfilling.

Rich connections are rare.  We blame. We lament. We complain.

We rarely share joy.

This is not a beautiful world and yet we seek it.

We seek beauty.

Beauty must be here. In everything.

Well that was fun.