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Chaun Conscious

After an intense bout of spiritual grief during the summer of 2017 Chaun fell in love with music again and miraculously discovered hidden talents in music production, singing and rapping. The closest way to describe Chaun’s sound is Tribal Electro Hip Hop – it combines Hip Hop, Electro-Funk and North-African percussion. Chaun uses music to promote a message of freedom, unity and equality for all people. Chaun is deeply driven by a desire for a fairer, more equal and more loving world. If you’d like to follow Chaun’s music journey join him on Instagram and you can also listen to his demo tracks here.

Peace and Love, Chaun Conscious x.

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Self Love is Love

To know that love and happiness are real we have to first except that pain is real. Accepting our pain as real when we are depressed is half the battle towards overcoming it – accepting the truth and reality of mental pain is incredibly difficult however.

As humans we have developed complex mechanism to help us avoid the reality of mental pain. I’m here to tell you that mental pain is real. Pain actually has a meta-physical quality that attaches to your emotional body. How do I know that? Because I am able to feel and experience pain on the emotional body. It is because of my ability why I was able to heal my own pain – and it is because of this ability why I am able to feel the location of meta-physical pain when I am in the presence of someone presenting it.

“Just because pain is present, doesn’t mean that it is presented.”

We only pretend that we are not in pain when we actually are when we are in a vibration of hatred. Being an expert in pain, and also being absolutely resolved from the vibration of shame or guilt because of my spiritual experiences, means that I feel no less positive about the term self love as I do about hatred. I would probably describe myself as an expert in Hatred also. However, I understand that the term “hatred” can be like a dirty word for some people. This is why we have been sent the Book of Light which we hearby call The Nu Vibe Book of Divine Truth. This book has the Transformational Power to change lives – it can lift us to a place of self acceptance and positively impact the way we regard ourself, others and society. The Book is especially important for those of us from a Christian background.

Ok great, are you ready to experience the Majestic Power of The Nu Vibe Book of Divine Truth?